Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yeamans, Robin*,3/8/20, Int’l Women’s Day noting scant progress since 1970, SusanT.Glascoff comment 
 sadly agree with all you wrote, hence maybe we should try another tactic- getting some significant coordination among female activists & the good fathers' rights groups & authors of new George Wash LawSch research noted below. Man Alive wrote ~2 decades ago that treating abuse as 50/50 impairs solutions. I think ~1993 the Founding Fathers began with 100 guys ( one being BIDEN, so maybe we could get him to tout that more now as it opened stating something like- we all know that women are treated unfairly). Consider getting such a "Coalition" to emphasize that on 9/25/18 the House passed WITHOUT DISSENT H.Con.Res.72 re safety 1st of kids of divorce if abuse alleged. As you know CPPA & CJE co-authored it & got CA to pass own version 1st, 8/23/18, HR113. Few states have passed own version as major media failing to report even though family courts are under state jurisdiction. Ditto re reporting of 9/5/19 fed-funded gender bias in FC study by research from DC's George Wash Law Sch (emphasize had 5 authors, 3 MALE)- even noted in 2000 appealed cases 14% of abusive fathers got custody even when court AGREED re abuse, but court never gave custody to credibly accused abusive mothers! (Wash. Post reported it some July 29, low-read time & no follow up.) CJE has tracked child murders due to abusive custody/visits since 2008. ~664 reported when H.Con.Res.72 passed, ~734 now (36 just since GWLS research)! ALL pres. candidates are angry re public distress re health care costs. State stress causes & exacerbates health issues- suggest public read Atty. Barry Goldstein's 2014 bk- "The Quincy Solution: Stop DV & Save $500 Billion." Barry says # now ~$750B. Promote CONNECTING DOTS to all serious issues ( contests?) since kids from dysfunctional homes &/or environments are more likely to turn to substance abuse & all that often leads to- doing poorly in school, committing suicide, gun violence, becoming abusive to family, etc, etc! Ask questions-- How kids turn out EVERYWHERE determine EVERYTHING- How could it not? How can we lead yet lament fallout - separating immigrant kids & parents when we don't even protect our own? Aren't we hypocrites re lots issues?  H.Con.Res.72 is compassionate & constructive- wants results vs pointing fingers. Even the CDC uses the ACE study list of adverse issues- 4 or more cause lots dysfunctions. Promote passing the languishing SAFE CHILD ACT! Focus of ALL groups & as many individuals as can must be maximizing chance of kids becoming responsible adults! Aren't we in danger of doing too little too late? 1988-Nat’l Coalition / Family Justice -“abusive custody best-kept U.S.secret!” Still! EpigeneticsChild trauma can harm gene expressions causing dysfunction being passed / future generations!
*Retired CA lawyer, for decades often handled custody cases, often with permission in other states; as pres./Advisory Bd/NCFJ she used to fly to NY for meetings/ I was/remain Exec. Dir. & founder of Adv.Bd.
PS.4/29/20-Child murders since 2008 now 746.  Reports that DV has increased re Covid-19 stay-at-home

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