Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Yeamans, Robin*,3/8/20, Int’l Women’s Day noting scant progress since 1970, SusanT.Glascoff comment 
 sadly agree with all you wrote, hence maybe we should try another tactic- getting some significant coordination among female activists & the good fathers' rights groups & authors of new George Wash LawSch research noted below. Man Alive wrote ~2 decades ago that treating abuse as 50/50 impairs solutions. I think ~1993 the Founding Fathers began with 100 guys ( one being BIDEN, so maybe we could get him to tout that more now as it opened stating something like- we all know that women are treated unfairly). Consider getting such a "Coalition" to emphasize that on 9/25/18 the House passed WITHOUT DISSENT H.Con.Res.72 re safety 1st of kids of divorce if abuse alleged. As you know CPPA & CJE co-authored it & got CA to pass own version 1st, 8/23/18, HR113. Few states have passed own version as major media failing to report even though family courts are under state jurisdiction. Ditto re reporting of 9/5/19 fed-funded gender bias in FC study by research from DC's George Wash Law Sch (emphasize had 5 authors, 3 MALE)- even noted in 2000 appealed cases 14% of abusive fathers got custody even when court AGREED re abuse, but court never gave custody to credibly accused abusive mothers! (Wash. Post reported it some July 29, low-read time & no follow up.) CJE has tracked child murders due to abusive custody/visits since 2008. ~664 reported when H.Con.Res.72 passed, ~734 now (36 just since GWLS research)! ALL pres. candidates are angry re public distress re health care costs. State stress causes & exacerbates health issues- suggest public read Atty. Barry Goldstein's 2014 bk- "The Quincy Solution: Stop DV & Save $500 Billion." Barry says # now ~$750B. Promote CONNECTING DOTS to all serious issues ( contests?) since kids from dysfunctional homes &/or environments are more likely to turn to substance abuse & all that often leads to- doing poorly in school, committing suicide, gun violence, becoming abusive to family, etc, etc! Ask questions-- How kids turn out EVERYWHERE determine EVERYTHING- How could it not? How can we lead yet lament fallout - separating immigrant kids & parents when we don't even protect our own? Aren't we hypocrites re lots issues?  H.Con.Res.72 is compassionate & constructive- wants results vs pointing fingers. Even the CDC uses the ACE study list of adverse issues- 4 or more cause lots dysfunctions. Promote passing the languishing SAFE CHILD ACT! Focus of ALL groups & as many individuals as can must be maximizing chance of kids becoming responsible adults! Aren't we in danger of doing too little too late? 1988-Nat’l Coalition / Family Justice -“abusive custody best-kept U.S.secret!” Still! EpigeneticsChild trauma can harm gene expressions causing dysfunction being passed / future generations!
*Retired CA lawyer, for decades often handled custody cases, often with permission in other states; as pres./Advisory Bd/NCFJ she used to fly to NY for meetings/ I was/remain Exec. Dir. & founder of Adv.Bd.
PS.4/29/20-Child murders since 2008 now 746.  Reports that DV has increased re Covid-19 stay-at-home

Why Humanity’s Prime Focus Must Be Maximizing # Kids Becoming Responsible Adults, 11/19 STGlascoff
Childhood Abuse, Complex Trauma & Epigenetics,” Fabiana Franco, PhD, 10/30/18- over past decade studies increasingly show life experiences & environmental factors play important role in who we become. “Interpersonal early life stress can impact 2nd & 3rd generation offspring.”Lists many references. ”Epigenetics & the Human Brain,” Dr. Moshe Szyf, June ’08, reviews evidence showing association between certain epigenetic patterns, suicide, and child abuse. Also lists many references.
Problem- failure to personalize & “connect dots,” enabling compounding of problems. Samples follow. Individuals in denial enable media, organizations, gov’t officials & influential figures to stifle research, a vicious cycle. Paternalism is of course a root problem. Consider that after decades of assorted efforts by activists, the House passed without dissent H.Con.Res.72 re safety 1st of children of divorce if abuse alleged (co-authored by the Center for Judicial Excellence who regularly update child murders -now 711 since 2008- due to court-ordered abusive custody/visits, ignored except for NYT brief mention 7/29/no follow up!). In almost daily contacts plus some meetings (~50 tonight with AAUW), I’ve yet to find anyone who’s heard about it! Yet since family courts are under state jurisdiction, how can the public create demand if they don’t know OR are in denial?? Ditto fact that all are ignoring (except one Wash. Post article July 29) federally funded new research about gender bias in courts when mothers allege abuse, esp. child sex abuse- 14% dads get custody if abuse proven-
  1. 11 documentaries over ~2 decades, most award-winning. CJE 2008- “Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk,” 2011 NoWayOutButOne- mom/ kids got asylum in Netherlands from U.S.( judge-“I agree there was abuse but giving father custody since mother is too ‘emotional’ about it.” Mom had hospital documents proving permanent brain damage of son since dad hit him!
  2. Outline re 57 articles delivered to SC spring 2019 along with above 2 documentaries & book, “The Quincy Solution: Stop DV & Save $500 Billion,” by Atty. Barry Goldstein. Consider connect dots contest with incentives & ideas for solutions/only constructive & compassionate permitted.
  3. Data left on table of 2002 (BMCC’s annual conf)- U.S.Supreme Court, U.S. v. Lanier No. 95-1717, 1997 appeal releasing judge serving less than 2 yrs of 25 yr sentence for requiring moms to give him oral sex if wanted custody since “he wasn’t given sufficient warning behavior at issue illegal!
  4. American Tort Foundation annually updates Judicial Hellholes across U.S. I attended 11yr case in Brooklyn, NY (near top hellhole list). I was interviewed by key media source & key investigative source- 1st twisted what I said & gave no credentials, 2nd simply ignored it, even valid RICO filing. Noted expert witness was denied giving details to jury re 7 hr interview with abused wife. Three female judges recused for bias- all ignored contradiction- husband wealthy, wife in bankruptcy…
  5. Retired judge prepared “guestimate” for me 2008, reporting it costs ~$4,500 to operate ONE COURTROOM for one day in NYC (noting ~ in major cities). Tons of legal shenanigans cause lots cases where there’s power imbalance to drag for years, bankrupting many. Court costs are taxpayer expense & bankruptcies cost society lots- as businesses get back pennies/dollar, ETC!
  6. Posted 12/8/10- “Organized Crime in U.S. Family Courts,” case Mannix v Maram No.10 C 3849.
  7. 8/12/12, DV Victims/Advocates Forming Nat’l…-85% kids witnessing DV/ moderate/severe PTSD.
  8. Cognitive Dissonance- When people presented evidence vs beliefs, new evidence not accepted.
  9. Man Alive Fathers’ Rights Group- “Treating abuse as 50/50 impairs solutions.”
  10. Google power of compounding- long flat base abruptly rises, ck- earn penny/day/double 30 days
Noted atty re‘05 NY Matrimonial Commission “moved Titanic deck chairs “ In 1988 he suggested founding NCFJ whose pres. said “Abusive custody best-kept secret in U.S.” Let’s change that!!