Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Judicial Forum, 10/26/14, sponsored by Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice- Questions by Susan Titus
Glascoff, Advisory Bd. Director of NCFJ & longtime nat'l public advocate

Two pertinent fairly recent books inspire useful questions- The Death of Common Sense, by Philip K. Howard, Esq. & HOW- How We Do Anything Means Everything in Business & in Life, by Dov Seidman

  1. What can be done to insure judicial orders get followed? Aren't judges being demeaned & our legal system mocked when some judges enforce contempt orders while others don't (some don't even issue them) & victims must turn to Appellate, costly in time & money (for victims & taxpayers, including those denied timely access), if Appellate even accepts the case?
  2. How can COMMON SENSE be enforceably applied re ALL types of cases, but especially when harms children? With regard to custody, why aren't moms & kids being believed when studies show fabrications of abuse run about 2%? In 3 recent prominent statistics relating to male violence- 70 out of 71 were men arrested for child pornography, 5% of males are born with greater tendency for violence, 1% of males seem to have predisposition for pedophilia.
  3. HOW can we create compassionate, constructive legal remedies that don't favor those with most power but recognize inherent gender differences & fact that it is in everyone's best interest to create checks & balances versus cycling abusive behaviors?
  4. Since judges are just as human as everyone else, HOW can enforceable sanctions be established when orders violate common sense & obviously fairness?
PS- A few proposed remedies & stark examples why needed: (some not new but still ignored)

I- a) Pay incentives for judges getting fewest filed complaints. b) Additional training required when receive serious complaints or over established min. #; removal if too many. c) Review boards, & include public posting of orders issued but not enforced & by whom.
II- a) Ex.-9+yr ongoing Brooklyn Taub divorce/bankruptcy ETC case- start of bankruptcy of wife, judge said husband still worth $41 million (result of many judges not enforcing orders)
b) oldest daughter's estranged husband allowed to get passport for minors without mom signing & tho husband rarely pd child support & earlier had criminal court order- supervised visitation, & he's now seeking custody. LAW needed- barred from custody if ever credible abuse alleged.
c) Columbia U. 9/21/14- Forensic conf. re custody. Etc.- key judge speaker – issued settlement order (Taub) at least 1 1/2yrs ago, enforced virtually nothing, bnkrptcy & legal costs increasing.
III- LAW needed- settlement agreements MUST include enforceable comparable lifestyles, incl. a “look-see” whenever credibly requested after & fines imposed for violations.

IV- a)Find ways to close loopholes, issue escalating fines for delaying tactics plus set fees for required items. b) To avoid high cost of transcripts & tampering, record- 1 taped copy for each party + judge.


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