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Scary new statistics & media re lack legal accountability, cameleon bankruptcy court in Brooklyn, NY, interrelating issues

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 5/22/2010 6:51 PM

1) Recent report- over 10 yrs, 29 states, about 845 federal judges, & thousands of filed complaints,guess how many got sanctioned?  NONE!!  Other states- not much better.   Many places labeled -"judicial hellhole."   WHAT- here in U.S. & we can't do anything about it??
2)  Few months ago-"Florida Sentinel"- said that due to legal abuse, 1/3 of its small businesses incur damaging costs, 1/10 go out of business.
3)  Few months ago- Illinois newspaper- "We import lawsuits & export jobs."

4) March 23, 2010- USA Today- "Tennessee Moves to Split Custody evenly in Messy Divorces,"- well, first of all no divorce isn't messy, but the worst are ones which almost always mean one partner (far more often the men, even according to good fathers' groups such as VP Biden's Founding Fathers) is extremely controlling- emotionally, financially & sometimes physically abusive, as many studies show.  (However,  there are many female judges who are far harder on moms & kids than male judges- see #9 below.)  BUT regardless of how decent each parent it, kids cannot be treated as commodities & need continuity, most esp. when already hurting from parents splitting.  Before TN, at least 14 states already have this presumption of 50/50 custody.  States MUST NOT be allowed to have autonomy to abuse children!  Tons of studies prove abuse cycles vast majority of time, meaning creates adults who have far less chance of making good partners (marriage or business), parents, & even friends.  Couldn't we even say it is a national security issue?   Again, I emphasize we URGENTLY need to discuss not only establishing far more legal accountability, but K-12 & society-wide programs on conflict management & challenges of good partnering (business or family) & parenting.  Can't we have state contests with incentives for creative compassionate, constructive solutions??!!  ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Some people must find me trustworthy & dedicated & believe I have insightful ideas or else I wouldn't be listed in Who's Who in America, WW in Amer.Women, WW in World, WW in Business & Finance (all free, hence can't be accused of increasing their rosters for financial gain.)

5) May 15, 2010, NYTimes, Op-Ed Bob Herbert- noted many Vietnam vets wept as told stories re being thrown at tender age into flaming sewer of combat & how suffering impacted them & their families since.   Hence, I ask , "Can you imagine even worse to be abused at home since childhood, including affect on protective parent (usually mom) &/or abuse of them as well?  What if add court abuse?   How can we constructively, compassionately counter abuse if done by vet. or victim of earlier family abuse?

6) May 16, 2010, NYTimes- "Opportunism Knocks"- After fender-bender car accident, woman was "deluged with letters & calls  from lawyers & medical professionals encouraging lawsuits."  Many states complain re excessive court costs & are curtailing court availability to help balance budgets.  Shouldn't ALL states be evaluating how to curb- frivolous suits, court tactics that promote delay no matter the issue, hourly legal billing that defies accountability, excessive fees,- as well as how to insure prompt, fair evaluation of complaints vs judges & lawyers AND imposing sanctions?  Transcripts cost hundreds, often thousands of dollars & can be altered. Wouldn't it be cheaper & prevent altering if videotaped, then give tape to court & one to each side before leave?

7) May 18, 2010-NYT- "Norway Tops List of Best Places To Be Mother; Afghanistan Rates Worst,"- U.S. ranks 28th, noting more young mothers die in childbirth.  However, I say another issue is unfair treatment in courts. Census stats note lifestyle drops average 45% relative to exes, & average means many fare FAR worse, though of course it also means some do at least reasonably OK.  Despite seeming good enforcement laws re child support, cases abound across U.S. showing too often not enforced.  See #9.

8)  May 19, Washington Post- "A Patch for Wall Streets Bad Habits," asked if  "amendments to financial reform bill will determine whether Wall Street's banks will serve the American economy or whether the American economy will continue to serve Wall Street's banks?"  I say "ditto re whether our court system serves those with most power, incl. some of the lawyers & judges, or whether legal system serves the welfare of the least powerful in each case, no matter the topic?"

9)  May 9, 2010- CNNiReport- "Mother's Day March on White House and Congress Against Organized Crime in Family Courts," was only media coverage I could find re march involving organizations from across U.S.    REREAD THE TITLE- shouldn't that warrant immediate broad coverage till resolved?  Elsewhere on my blog as well as ongoing to judges, politicians, & media I've been continuing to report re the ongoing 5 yr Brooklyn, NY Taub divorce case (& I've been saying I'm partly using this case to exemplify how bad some of our courts have become across the U.S.). 
        Please consider- summer 2009 NYT reported mob involvement in many of NYC area bldg & police depts. as well as 44 arrested in NJ for money laundering (11 from Brooklyn, incl. 3 or so rabbis).  I had over 2 1/2 hr interview  (I brought much official data) with NJ FBI headquarters in Newark noting Simon Taub has int'l cash furniture business (hundreds of thousands per yr) that involves some sales, etc. in NJ.  They agreed I had some definitive data, but did nothing.  I brought letter from July 2009 from IRS noting he hadn't filed tax returns since 2004- noting none ever over $250,000, most far less including under $100,000, yet he'd had his primary business, a sweater factory, declare bankruptcy 1998 (after having sold stock in it worth about $25million about 2 yrs prior, & I provided indications money went to Switzerland), & then went on without permits ( listed 103 violations & over $50,000 in unpaid fines- building dept, didn't know this??????)  to turn that bldg & others into about 50 apts and also buy about 3 apt. bldgs in Israel.  WITH WHAT?
      Over 60 pages of highly documented recusal (dismissal) papers vs. divorce Judge Carolyn Demarest were deemed insufficient by NY state judge in charge of judicial conduct.  Appeal of over 40 more pages has now been sitting in front of Appellate over one yr. while meanwhile this judge has been given permission to continue ruling on this case & is set to rule again May 24.  Meanwhile, the wife, Chana Taub, filed for bankruptcy July 1, 2008 to keep her home & small rental properties (her only source of income but neither Judge Demarest nor bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth Stong- whom earlier on this blog I mistakenly called a breath of fresh air- have enforced Simon Taub from interfering with rent collection or made him pay maintenance or child support) from foreclosure.  Yet, Judge Stong just decided Chana is inept at managing her properties & appointed another federal trustee ($10,000 retainer up front & gets to use additional lawyer at $600/hr) to take over, vs protests of Chana's atty & her sister's (has been loaning Chana legal fees) atty. who have tried to forcefully but diplomatically tell the judge she isn't doing her job!   For instance a detailed recounting was provided showing that request for relief from Simon's many types of harassments has been postponed 15 times!  What chance do YOU think these lawyers have? 
        Meanwhile, Chana's daughter from first marriage has been trying to get divorce for years, too.  But she testified re Simon's abuse of her mother at divorce trial of Chana's, & was given anonymous note she'd suffer the consequences.  Indeed, her Family Court Judge Robin Sheares hasn't enforced child support for 5 young kids for over 1 1/2 yrs, & has indicated she'd send mother to jail if she doesn't allow very extensive visitation to father who was ordered by criminal court to have 2-3 yrs of supervised visitation after "Indicated" finding (plea bargained down from sexual molestation) of 2 of the kids.  He is seeking custody & judge is indicating she might grant it if mother doesn't cooperate.
      Is above unique? NO, though of course each case is somewhat different.  But the Mother's Day March was precisely about such egregiously operating courts in many places across U.S.- as has been WIDELY reported for years, but never seems to make major media, etc., etc.
10)  Pres. Obama's new post on Violence Against Women (started last June, & I then received a call saying I had been "vetted" to report to them.  I , & of course many others, have since reported lots.  I was told it would take about a year for them to get solutions geared up, so I and many others are anxiously waiting.   I could say more, some of it somewhat skeptical, but I'll still give them the benefit of the doubt.  It seems some of the usual political roadblocks still wield too much power.

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