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Radio Interview by Abuse Freedom United

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 12/16/2011 7:18 PM
Abuse Freedom United, Radio Interview, Nov. 6, 2011, 7-9 PM, by Jane Boyer of Susan T. Glascoff

(STG- Masters- Health Advocacy & Math, Member Who's Whos in America & 5 other WWs due to 40+ yrs public advocacy of many topics, former school board member & math teacher, ongoing ~10yrs-Exec. Director Advisory Bd. to Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice- gender-neutral 501C3 since 1988 helping divorcing people experiencing problems with courts; 3 sons, 2 stepsons, 5 grandchildren, website-

THEME- Lack of legal accountability, no matter the topic, is strangling the U.S. Reported ~ 2 yrs ago-

Illinois newspaper- “We import lawsuits, export jobs,” FL Sentinel- “1/10 of our small businesses go out of business due to legal excess,” Atty. Philip Howard in book, “Death of Common Sense,” ~30% of health care costs go to legal system,” legal abuse web site- greatest % of civil cases concern divorce.

PRIME ISSUE- Justice system has turned upside down- It's too often Who Can Win, NOT What's Just.

TONIGHT'S FOCUS- How it affects families, esp. our children, hence our future in ALL regards!

Consider Kent Keith's (lawyer, PhD, Harvard, Oxford, etc.)book, “Anyway” pg 114- “If there is hope for our children, there is every hope. If there is no hope for our children, there is no hope at all. The future of the world depends on the kinds of people today's children turn out to be.”

KEY “TERMS”- power & control, judicial discretion/immunity, loopholes, media, rules of evidence & legalese, overwhelming, common sense, checks/balances, transparency, big cost, hrly billing, plea brgn, guardians ad litem, impoverishment, fraud, interconnected, Occupy Wall St., outrageous compensation, power of compounding, denial, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, cycling abuse,PTSD, cliches, credibility, substance abuse, FBI,etc, invitation to creative compassionate, constructive dialogue incld. contests & incentives.

Since everything is interconnected, isn't Occupy Wall Street the OVERWHELMING result of public belief that multiple aspects of how our government is operating have been compounding towards dysfunction? Isn't legal system one branch of government? Don't all know it's too easy to sue, & legal bills can impoverish or even bankrupt you? Conferences, books, & many media have been presenting for decades that we need legal reform, yet it never seems to be a theme of national dialogue, even now with OWS? WHY NOT?? It was just reported that Mr. Corzine, former head of Goldman Sachs, paid a lawyer $400,000 to insure severance pay for his next job would be $12.1M.

ALL contracts are legal documents, including compensation, but also including marriages & divorces. All know that children of divorce have more problems concentrating in school, have higher rates of turning to substance abuse, & generally tend towards more behavior that either hurts themselves &/or society including often as adults. There's tons of evidence that abusive behaviors cycle (judges & guardians need FAR more training re that). SO WHY are we ignoring that divorce has become a huge industry here versus trying to do everything we can to lessen the rate (There are some wonderful school programs on challenges of good partnering & parenting- so why isn't some form REQUIRED? An excellent book by Ruth Tod- “Positive Parenting for a Peaceful World,” should be read by all. Atty. Lynn-Gold-Bikin's “Partners” HS program that uses charades for dialogue, & similar programs are too scantily used.) or DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to help insure the best results possible when divorce is inevitable?
What often happens in divorce/family courts instead? Many cases drag on for years, impoverishing either entire family or one spouse relative to other. Custody has become a huge battle where kids are treated like commodities & hidden issue is often not custody but child support. Consider the Brooklyn, NY notorious Taub case ongoing 6 ½ yrs. Mother bankrupt though father was noteded by court to be worth at least $43M. Home & 3 small rental properties deeded to her are in foreclosure due to courts not enforcing OWN orders- maintenance, child support, paying marital mortgage, not interferring with rent collection, questionably dismissing RICO vs husband. Foreclosures & bankruptcies cost everyone, as does operation of courts (Retired judge prepared guestimate for me -it costs ~ $4500/day to operate 1 courtroom in NYC area. Many states are cutting legal budgets, but NOT cutting legal manipulation, so things are getting worse). Mr. Taub- got suspended sentence re extortion re covering up sex abuse of then-14yr old son whom he stole custody of, mother has't seen since; all courts ignored + tax evasion, etc. Oldest daughter by 1st marriage (testified re years abuse by stepfather) is fighting judge giving persmission for her estranged husband to get kids' passports without LAW'S required signing by both parents; judge ignored father owes ~$194,000 child support ~8yrs for 5 kids & had criminal order for supervised visitation for sexually touching 10 yr old daughter. In court hall 10/31 Mr. Taub asked “How can wife win last 5 appeals -lost 42; judges/lawyers like $. I can drag this 5 more yrs?” STG there.

There have been judicial conferences, etc, drawing up legal reform guidelines; little changes because judges continue to have near total immunity & discretion. How about some common sense? Consider -legal definition of fraud -“deliberate intention to deceive if have a fiduciary responsibility.” Don't most court cases involve fiduciary responsibility? If records etc. are withheld (in Taub case no judge fully enforced Discovery in 6+ yrs), as in scads of cases, that IS fraud! Hence, courts are promoting fraud & IT MUST STOP! FBI interviewed me 3x!??? Last wk 23 yr old daughter released tape of father, Family Court Judge Adams of TX, beating her with leather belt; both she & her mother reported yrs of abuse. Shouldn't that result in immediate expulsion from the bench? Common sense anybody?? Justice?? The award-winning documentary has just been released where mother & kids got asylum in Netherlands FROM U.S. due to abusive courts. Shame on us!! The 9th annual Battered Mothers' Custody conference (national, held in Albany, NY & attended by many men who are outraged by this as well) gets no major media coverage- why not? Pres. Obama created a post on violence against women (to which I report) but little has visibly changed. 1996-2006 study, all federal judges, 843 in 29 states & thousands complaints- NONE got sanctioned- doesn't such tarnish good judges or impair their efforts? Doesn't absolute power tend to corrupt absolutely? Is ANY group good at policing itself? IN 2005 I prepared huge Big Picture Legal Reform Report (well-documented) I sent to over 200, including 23 senators, media, etc. & in 2002 sent 200 petitions to at least one major newspaper per state, ETC. I requested legal reform be topic for presidential debates in 2004 & 2008. I'm trying to get it as topic for 2012 -will YOU HELP spread word? I ALWAYS request only compassionate, constructive solutions & suggest state & local contests & incentives. Years ago it was reported we litigated 10x more per person than England. Excessive, abusive litigation & fear of it is strangling the U.S. Can we survive this way?

1821- Thomas Jefferson, “The germ of destruction of our nation is in power of the judiciary.” Reason given was lack of checks & balances. He soon said- “The only remedy is to inform the public discretion.” I believe the germ is a cancer about to metastasize via the power of compounding & fact that everything is interrelated. Helen Keller- “None are so blind as those who will not see.” Edmund Burke- “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.” Margaret Mead- “Never doubt a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Pascal- “Justice without force is powerless, force without justice is tyrannical.” Samuel Johnson- “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” Sylvester Stallone- “I think I'd like to be remembered as someone who beat the odds through just plain determination... that I persevered. Because I think that being somewhat of a pest to life, constantly plaguing & pursuing, will bring results.” Latter has surely been my motto, but I think time has run out because the power of compounding of interrelated issues is about to skyrocket out of control if we the people don't LOUDLY INSIST NO MORE NONSENSE NOW!!!! Retired Chief NY State Judge Judith Kaye said something like-“Courts lose effectiveness when they lose public respect.” I ask, “How can we promote democracy or survive if our legal system is a sham?” Our Kids 'Kant' Wait So Neither Can We!!

PS- Since interview Appellate Court denied mother's appeal to stop judge from ignoring law that states for minors to get passports, both parents must sign!  Does the U.S. really want to allow international abduction? Etc!

Note NYC is listed as the 6th Judicial Hellhole by the American Tort Reform Association. Can we ignore judicial hellholes?

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