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Press release by Kipling's Who's Who for member Susan Titus Glascoff -legal and media accountability Nov.'08

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 11/25/2008 7:16 PM

                Press Release by Kipling’s Who’s Who on behalf of member, Susan Titus Glascoff
                                   (See STG’s blog
Everyone agrees- stay clear of the legal system if you can.  Why?  Everyone is aware
            of often outrageous costs, years of wasted time, a nearly impossible burden of proof
            with manipulation by the more powerful party likely to determine the outcome.
            Most know it is too easy to sue in the U.S. and that this adds cost to business, health-
            care, and individuals since blame often replaces self-responsibility.  It would be
            sobering if estimated legal costs for a few of the major categories could be compiled
            as a per cent of our GDP!   Outrageous hourly billing that is hard to verify  
            drives the system, promoting lots of delays via nitpicking repetitious legalese.
            Excessive malpractice premiums force defensive medicine and counter-
            productive business practices..  Legal fees impoverish divorcing families or one
            spouse relative to the other, more often mothers with dependent children,
            sometimes causing loss of custody to abusers.    Divorce has become big business
            and compassionate, constructive solutions that would benefit them and all
            society are given short shrift.    Fewer seem aware that judges are too often biased,
            or worse, and that the public has scant defense.  Recusal (judge withdrawal) is
            voluntary even when there are serious allegations.  Impeachment is almost
            nonexistent.  Many states report two to three thousand complaints yearly, but
            sanctions numbering in the single digits.    This tarnishes good judges!

            High-powered conferences and award-winning books and videos have yielded
            meaningless reforms.  Why?  Could it be that the conferences as well as the
            intended separation of powers of our three branches of government are
            compromised by too many lawyer members?   In 1821 Thomas Jefferson said, “The
            germ of the destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary.”  The reason
            given was lack of checks and balances.  Susan Titus Glascoff, a longtime national
            advocate re many serious issues, had a web petition in 2004 requesting legal
            accountability be a presidential campaign topic.  (She requested it again via
            letter to 2007-8 debate commission).    The petition supposedly dysfunctioned,
           but  after the 2004 election appearing at top was- “Aren’t you glad the election
            turned out the way it did?”   11 million websites were requesting reforms!

            In 2005, and ongoing, Ms. Glascoff sent out a highly researched report to over
            100 media and senators, etc., which included letters from noted authors with reform
            ideas.    Senator Barack Obama was the only senator (of 21) to send a personal
            response letter  (June 24, 2005 part of his letter stated- “It is unfortunate that family
            courts can often be places that hinder, rather than help, the broken families who
            enter them, and this situation must be addressed…. I can tell you care deeply about
            the situation and have many good insights on what can, and should, be done.”  He
            noted some reform legislation was pending across the country, but Ms. Glascoff and
            numerous other  reform-minded people continue to observe scant improvement.)
Ms. Glascoff spoke (early 2005) before the NY Matrimonial Commission; 30 of its
32  members were judges and lawyers.   A renowned retired lawyer, who helped
create the National Coalition for Family Justice (NCFJ, a 501C3) in 1988 and whose
father was one of the founders of the American Bar Association,  expressed that the
NYMC results “merely moved the deck chairs on the Titanic.”  ETC!

Ms. Glascoff was asked, as executive director of the advisory board, by the NCFJ’s 
president to start attending the Brooklyn, NY Taub divorce case on Feb. 5, 2007, since
legal improprieties were reported from outset, summer 2005.   She often sentthe NYTimes
information about legal abuse in this case (and others, also to Mayor Bloomberg,
administrative judges, etc.) including that Judge Carolyn Demarest ordered discovery,
only $350/wk maintenance (which didn’t even cover wife’s supposed share of the mortgage),
that husband get the home out of foreclosure, etc., yet enforced none of this, forcing the wife
to file bankruptcy.  Foreclosures (3 in process in Taub case), bankruptcies, and court costs
(estimates from a  retired NY judge - who is very upset with our legal system- found NYC’s to
be  a  be about $4500  per  D AY for ONE court  ROOM) cost all taxpayers!    (YET, Oct. 30, 2008
             bankruptcy Judge Stong emphasized the Taubs'assets are about $41 million and expressed
             concern the case is taking  so long - 3   1/2 years.   When Mr. Taub’s lawyer complained that
             Mrs. Taub had started collecting some rent from properties deeded in her name- the federal
             trustee interrupted asking, “Is she not supposed to eat till the case  is finished?”)   The NYT
             interviewed Ms. Glascoff and the Taubs, but the Oct. 5 article (by Ruth Padawer, but edited
             by NYT) in their quarterly Key Magazine totally skewed the facts, painting the wife as
             mercenary and the  husband as mostly fighting for his rights, downplaying official abuse
             testimony, misleadingly mentioning sexual libel suit, and casting judge as neutral, etc!  
              Biased editing erodes trust in good authors and media.
 The NYT listed none of Ms. Glascoff’s extensive credentials, characterizing her as a “self-
             described advocate who said in a low voice that she thinks many are getting bribed.”
             She did say she is a freelance advocate, but noted she was requested to attend by the
             NCFJ, is a member of 4 whos’ whos, etc. and mentioned bribery as an aside of her
             opinion but asked that not be published, though evidence points that way.   Lawyers agree
             to start, then abruptly withdraw.    BUT she, Chana Taub and sister gave tons of data showing
             Simon Taub not credible- 3 federal fraud convictions, prostitution arrest, NYC government
             website listings detailing his 103 building violations – many illegal apartments, fire violations,
etc.-   and tens of thousands in unpaid fines, etc. all essentially ignored by various city agencies.
             Even though 48 pages of highly documented, much legally prepared, recusal papers  have been
             given to the NYT, the NYT refuses to recant or fire the final editor!  (They were aware recusal
             papers were in process for months and had much of the data.) Major media blatantly twisting
            the truth causes apathy, disgust, etc. and hurts everyone!   Meanwhile, the court system seems
t           to be doing its best to ignore the formally filed recusal papers re Judge Carolyn Demarest.

            Why is Ms. Glascoff detailing so much of the Taub case?  Because she wants the
             public to conclude themselves that our legal system, and major media, sorely need
             checks and balances!    This case is truly but the tip of the iceberg!   Ignoring court    
             abuse, re ANY topic, impairs the ability of the many good judges and lawyers to
             function, plus too many of them are fearful of speaking out against colleagues.  Our
             entire financial crisis is intertwined with legal dysfunction  (partly via ridiculous
            CEO contracts) and misleading media!    How can we solve our crisis or lead this
             way?   We need national sustained dialogue (? Contests?)  not only about legal and
              media dysfunction but about compassionate constructive ideas for conflict
             management and the challenges of good partnering and parenting  ASAP!

                     Isn’t Barack Obama’s message that was overwhelmingly endorsed-
                   “Change  we can believe in?”         Our KIDS KANT WAIT, so neither can we!   

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