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NYT letter to editor, A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating Lawyers

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 2/16/2013 10:37 AM 
NYT letter to editor, A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating Lawyers, Ethan Bronner, Feb. 11, 2013

It was a relief to read that there is almost universal agreement that the current system is broken. A focus is needed to create more skill levels to reduce education expenses & taylor training & consumer cost for non-court matters. However, I am disappointed that no mention was made re need for more practical training re lots of specific issues, one key one being anything relating to family courts (including raising the prestige level), another being excessive hourly billing re anything likely to head to court, a third being addressing loophole issues (such as scads of delaying tactics), & a monumental fourth one being establishing enforceable checks & balances on unfair (or worse) behavior by any court actors, but especially judges.

A task force member noting “The house is on fire” is right on target! How about making an educational project in lawschool to address closing loopholes (students could choose specialties)?

Susan Titus Glascoff

(WWho in Amer, etc, masters Health Advocacy & Math....)

PS-Commentary-other articles,(next blog entry 2 pg questionnaire on web re “YOU Be Judge- 10 questions about legal accountability, & disturbing facts.” [Taub case-legal abuse grows- proposed settlement very convoluted, trying to hide fact it subtracts out all it 1st gives, awards abuse!!]
  1. 2/11/13- “Measure to Protect Women Stuck on Tribal Land Issue,”- the fact that the horrors of what has been happening have long been ignored is despicable & again makes us not much better than how India & many countries with third-world areas treat females. Note Mr. Udall said, “Native women should not be abandoned to a jurisdictional loophole.” Choose any topic- you'll find a crying need to close legal loopholes!

  2. 2/6/13- “A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home to Maryland,” - it notes that prosecutors & jurors ignored glaring problems with witnesses. WHY? HOW? Mr. Bloodstone only managed to win his release after 9 years in the state's most decrepid & violent prison. How about those who don't possess such willpower or intelligence or get lucky enough to snag some lawyer's interest? Then he was merely awarded $300,000 in compensation, yet the legal system awards plaintiffs millions for lesser suffering! What about victims in civil court, especially the excruciating pain for protective parents when custody is awarded to abusers, even in the face of documented evidence (& many of course can't produce that, but the testimony is usually searing when it is the truth- credible studies put lying about this very low- I think less than 5%). How about those impoverished by the system? What about the intangible costs to society from cycling abuse?

  3. 2/5/13- “In 2 Trailers, The Neighbors Nobody Wants,”- hmmmm.......society doesn't want released sexual predators near where they live, but how about fact the media keeps ignoring that for thousands (The award-winning documentary, NoWayOutButOne, notes ~58,000 cases per yr reported where child is awarded into custody of an abuser) the abuser is in the house?

  4. 2/11/13- “The Ignorance Caucus,” Paul Krugman- his sarcasm is excellent noting Mr. Cantor calling for an end to federal funding of social science research is “Because it's surely a waste of money seeking to understand the society we're trying to change.” And Mr. Krugman also correctly directs his anger at the NRA bullying fed. agencies into ceasing nearly all research about firearms & violence. How about another research project for law students & professors as well- how can we establish laws & regulations that prevent minority views blocking the majority, esp. when it is over 60%?

  5. 2/12/13- “Carpe Diem Nation,” David Brooks- “we forget- most our ancestors were immigrants who left everything to establish a new life, working hard for better future for their kids... We've become so greedy we sacrifice our kids' future!” How about legal research: curbing right to sue, insisting on reasonable awards &malpractice premiums, fair treatment non-whites long abused?


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