Monday, June 23, 2014

NY State Cimmission on Judicial Conduct Dismissal of Complaint vs Judge Carolyn Demarest + refusal to recuse

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 3/5/2009 3:27 AM
Chana Taub gave me permission to publish this. You can read that the Commission on Judicial Conduct dismissed the complaint vs Judge Carolyn Demarest even though 45 pages of legally prepared data along with 48 pages by Chana, all with much documentation included (some being from official court transcripts) were sent requesting recusal (resigning from case) -see next blog entry for some actual pages.   YET, Commission claims "insufficient indication of judicial misconduct" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     The judge's letter just below this Commission letter is misleading at best.  The 3rd sentence states the jury concluded that cruel and inhuman treatment was not proved, but viewing the next entry's sample pages you'll see the jury was not allowed to hear critical information such as findings from 7 hours of interviews of Chana by a renowned expert domestic violence witness.  In 1st paragraph on 2nd pg judge says she shouldn't recuse because the court system has been overburdened by protracted litigation caused by the parties.  Hmmm..... Simon Taub is the one who has brought multiple side suits, etc. and whom this judge allowed to repeatedly postpone and stall hearings due to supposed ongoing health problems, but was called on it by a different judge & miraculously it hasn't happened since!  The judge quotes from another case saying proving bias must be "based upon something other than rulings in the case."  That defies common sense!  In fact it makes no sense for recusals in general to be voluntary as that defies human nature.  Few individuals or groups are good at policing themselves!  The judge notes the case is now in bankruptcy court.  She OMITS that she did not even award enough maintenance for Chana to pay her supposed share of the mortgage (& threatened to JAIL her), & didn't even enforce that & numerous other orders, including that husband take home out of foreclosure since she acknowledged he is the moneyed spouse, yet she contradicted herself  by also commenting he couldn't pay.
      Bankruptcy judge noted it seems Simon is worth $41million.  With such wealth should there be foreclosures & bankruptcy?? Doesn't that hurt all creditors & ultimately,via ripple effect, all taxpayers?  WHY are there thousands of complaints vs judges in every state, no matter the topic, yet hardly any recusals & impeachment is virtually nonexistent?  Doesn't this tarnish our many good judges & impair the ability of the U.S. to lead??  Philip K. Howard, Esq., best-selling author of  "The Death of Common Sense," has new book, "Life Without Lawyers- Liberating Americans from Too Much Law."  He notes doctors waste billions in defensive medicine & excess litigation, costs, & awards, plus fear of suit increasingly negatively impact schools, businesses and families.  A mockery is being made of our system.  He says "All life is interconnected."  He advocates balance & accountability & encourages ideas & involvement, some via websites, one is  LACK OF LEGAL ACCOUNTABILITY IS A BIG PART OF OUR FINANCIAL CRISIS!

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