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List of articles as they appear on blog. Website doesn't list titles with links, so you must scroll through all articles.

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 4/18/2009 6:42 PM
1,a)    List of articles as they appear on blog .    SORRY- website does NOT list titles with links to each article, so you must scroll down through each entry.  They are not numbered on the site.  22 total  incl.  list,   4/18/09. Note: everything represents my opinion, but as you'll see much includes reference to specific data as well as decades of research & general public advocacy by me & fact that I have masters degrees in health advocacy (incl. some re law) & math.  I also am a member of 6 Who's Whos- WW in America, WW in American Women, WW in Business & Finance, WW in the World, Kiplings WW, & Cambridge WW where I was 2x their Professional of the Year re advocacy.  I would not have been invited into these if I made false allegations.  I do it all pro bono.  What probably increased my level of advocacy was when my middle 1 yr old son got 3rd degree burns (1978) from touching outside of a closed oven door, oven at 300. The pres. of the co. said I shouldn't have my son in the kitchen when the stove was in use!  The Consumer Product Safety Commission denied getting my report.  When I sent them 2nd copy showing, via Freedom of Information Act, that there were 20,000 reported cases of similar burning per yr, the CPSC acknowledged my 2nd sending by returning a copy of my 1st cover pg which they forgot they had stamped the day after receiving it 3 months earlier!  I got stove legislation passed saying stoves wouldn't meet code unless one could touch the outside for 4 seconds before getting burned- enough time to react.  The problem was a $3 gasket that wasn't around the inside of doors unless it was a self-cleaning oven!

INSERTED 2 new articles (long lapse was due to moving, plus so often write, meet, etc. in other forums, that little time)
1,b) Scary new statistics & media re lack of legal accountability, cameleon bankruptcy court in Brooklyn, NY, interrelating issues, April 2011
1,c) Misrepresentations by NYPost  (NOTE: article relates that husband- wealthy- & his lawyer are very happy with results- that by definition defies the meaning of compromise- to say nothing of fact wife will actually get virtually nothing though reading the article & judge decision would lead you to believe otherwise to some extent. AND isn't it strange there is no rebuttal by wife's lawyers????   Hmmm.....suffice it to say that all sorts of intimidations have been ongoing & even our highest investigative source is doing essentially nothing - SCARY FOR THE U.S.!!!!) re same by Judge D'Emic, followed by UPCOMING HISTORIC SUPREME COURT CASE RE ABUSIVE FAMILY COURTS.
2)   My comments (& NYT article below) noting Brooklyn Dist. Atty Hynes & police corruption;  ?? justice across U.S.          Published      4/18/09
3)   NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct Dismissal of Complaint vs Judge Carolyn Demarest +
       refusal to recuse     (Dismissal despite 40 pgs documented complaints)      Published on blog 3/5/09

4)    Recusal Papers filed vs Judge Carolyn Demarest re Brooklyn, NY Taub v Taub divorce case                                     Published  on blog 2/10/09
5)   One proof of lifetime advocacy - positive response letter from 1986 re improving public school education   (Begins-"If only your insights & enthusiasm could be bottled & shipped around the U.S.")                                                                                                                                                                    Published on blog 2/5/09
6)   Letter to World Jewish Congress Foundation re petition to stop discrimination (to lead must set
        better example here)               Published on blog 2/5/09)

7)  Barack Obama letter to STGlascoff re my 2005 report, "Big Pic re Legal Reform, All Topics, butEsp.Family Issues"    (Obama agreed need for reforms,liked ideas)     Published on blog 2/5/09 
8)   NYTimes Letter to Editor re, "If This Isn't Slavery, What Is," Nicholas Kristof    (re sex trafficking worldwide, but says U.S. only "sometimes," yet NYT reported 60,000/yr HERE in article couple yrs ago)
          (Jan.  4, 2009), Jan. 8                           Published 2/4/09
9)   Respected Advocate Calls for Legal System and Media Accountability.  (web press release)
                                                                                       Published on blog  2/4/09
10)   Press release -Cambridge Who's Who for member Susan T. Glascoff - legal/media accountability & win/win ideas   (member several who's whos, exs- Who's Who in Amer, WW in Amer.  Women, etc.)                                                                                             Published on blog  11/25/08  (but on web 12/5)
11)   Press release by Kipling's Who's Who for member Susan Titus Glascoff -legal and media accountability Nov.'08                                 Published  11/25/08

12)   Letters from 7 others, plus mine, re NYTimes blatantly distorting facts in Oct. 5, 2008 article re Taub court case      (I & Taub sisters interviewed by NYT for 7 hours)           Published   on blog 11/25/08
13)   NYCity Mayor Bloomberg- Request to get 225 mayor coalition to discuss legal accountability, July, 2008      (No answer ever received even though promised)       Published  on blog  11/25/08
14)   Commission on Presidential Debates, Nov. 16, 2007, Fahrenkopf, Kirk, Kennedy -request to discuss legal reform (No answer received although bd. member made request)  Published on blog   11/25/08          

15)   Impact on Taxpayers of Systematic Devastation of Families, but EspeciallyWomen and Children, in U.S. “Divorce” Courts Impedes Leadership   (prepared for my speech 4/08 at Atlanta, GA Summit on Econ. Justice for Women; NY judge estimated $4500 to operate one courtROOM for one day )                                                                                                      Published on blog  4/24/08
16)  Honorable Ariel Belen, Aug 8. 07 letter, 10/27 update, Taub case      (Said could do nothing re complaints)                                                                          Published on blog    10/30/07
17)   Professional of the Year in Advocacy (Currently Legal Accountability of all
    types, but Especially Family Courts)                                        Published on blog  5/25/07
18)   Public Demand for Presidential Campaign Debates Regarding the Need for Judicial Accountability and Legal Ethics Enforcement           (petition on web for 2004
presidential election to get public request to have legal accountability discussed-
    (petition was aborted as website was broken into & web sponsor refused to fix it)
       (11 MILLION websites were asking for reforms!)                                        Published   on blog  5/24/07

19)   (My) Presentation to the NY Matrimonial Commission  (speech by me to them in Feb.2005
                                                  Published on blog  5/24/07            
20)  Dysfunctional families and dysfunctional family courts- We MUST interrelate  
  issues.      (Gives many varied examples)                                                           Published on blog  5/23/07

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