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Honorable Ariel Belen, Aug 8. 07 letter, 10/27 update, Taub case

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 10/30/2007 11:04 AM
Honorable Ariel Belen                                      
Kings County Chief Administrative Judge        
360 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY   11201      

             (I, Susan Titus  Glascoff, have no self interest,     attended most hearings, studied
            transcripts, etc., &  am  Cambridge Who’s Who’s professional of the year for
            advocacy – attached credentials were sent with this letter Aug. 8, 2007)

Dear Judge Belen:

Manipulation of the law has been occurring since the inception of the divorce case of Chana Taub v  Simon Taub, index 18748/05, Kings County.  Data here will be of recent events, with some background for clarification.  8/05 Judge Sarah Krauss ordered wall be built in middle of home, but gave CT Order of  Protection & said shouldn’t live together, said each control own utilities , & not interfere with other via surveillance, etc.  Appeals Court upheld wall. Once built, all Krauss’ orders were violated, ignored by Judge Carolyn Demarest. Judge D. accepted 2005 joint tax return not  signed by CT, would not let jury hear of some “wall” violations, or fact ST had 3 federal fraud convictions, or ST used then, before & during trial, &ongoing,  dubious medical excuses, or testimony of expert DV witness, Dr. Evan Stark, re long  interviews noting CT victim of DV. Case filed on grounds of Cruel & Inhuman Treatment!

All judges ignored multiple financial affidavits of CT.  Also, no child support.  Mortgage not covered by maintenance. Ignored- ST saying couldn’t pay more (NOW denying owning of several properties- illegal conveyances); $500,000 cash was in safe-hmm….. Judge D. refused CT atty’s request to overturn jury finding no grounds for divorce, even though 4 kids testified re abuse. ETC!  July hearing-Judge D. ignored violation of her orders that ST get home out of foreclosure & allow CT collect rent from her own 2 properties. Note- a lengthy 3/7/07 mtg. with Judge Pfau & several letters with data yielded little. CT’s atty wants off case-no $.

1)  7/20/07- JHO Margaret Cammer- request by CT to maintain Order of Protection
    -granted, rest status quo till 9/28 since ST’s atty said during 3 hr wait  settlement was discussed & would get proposal to CT’s atty by 2 wks.  CT’s  atty agreed (since “hall deal” seemed to seriously suggest CT get home, her  rental property, trade another).
     -JHO -”Our last hearing, 7/13, I heard a very distressed daughter testify.  This case has been more about property than children.”  HOWEVER, since daughter testified father said to her he’d have mother get into fatal car accident, but she was confused about dates, JHO had ordered entire testimony stricken. (Note-side case since divorce  filing where CT was framed re trying to supposedly kill cohort of ST
-  nothing happened to ST or cohort even though it was proven CT in court AT time!)
2) Since above, MORE of past tactics - total lack of good faith, lying to Court, harassing & frightening CT, etc.  Tending all has become her job!   CT
     - new order of protection at end of trial- ST bloodied her eye. Court ignored his surveillance system of CT, control of utilities including deliberate tampering
        - lengthy toilet backup, little heat or AC, broken pipes causing flooding……Many excuses, constant stream of motions to delay (pre &post trial).
  When ST’s atty told JHO trying to settle, NEWmotions were in process demanding ST could knock down wall, etc., another motion suing CT for $5M  for demanding divorce by falsely accusing him of abuse, etc. New  subpoena to CT.  Bogus  settlement proposal implying ST 
has no properties; seeks CT’s!   There’s no resemblance to why JHO Cammer  allow ed delay!    
       10/27 update NOT in letter-Atty. R  is off case. After denying him payment for 1yr, Judge Demarest just allowed him to put lien on CT, not ST .  Judge D continues to allow Simon Taub to violate her orders & have multiple distracting side suits. She should allow emergency contempt re foreclosure of marital home & postpone rest so new atty. can prepare.  Chana Taub needs an unbiased judge & has  Constitutional right to due process? Isn't justice supposed to be  end goal of law??

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