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Commission on Presidential Debates, Nov. 16, 2007, Fahrenkopf, Kirk, Kennedy

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 11/25/2008 4:00 PM
                                                                                                                                           10 Manitou Road
                                                                                                                                           Westport, CT 06880
                                                                                                                                           November 16, 2007
 Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., Esq., Paul Kirk, Jr.                                                       
Co-chairs- Commission on Presidential Debates                                  203-454-3193 (1783 f)
Carolyn Kennedy, Esq., Rory Kennedy
Bd. Member Comm. Pres. Debates, Co-founder/Pres. Moxie Firecracker Films

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

You each (or soon will get since your offices said they received & forwarded) received my packet today requesting that legal reform become part of the presidential candidate debates. I am writing again for two reasons.  I did not have time to include commentary on current interrelated articles ( I wanted to write an entire page re several articles, but I’ve just enclosed two), plus in my hurry to see the report went out yesterday(already late), I realized one of the four copies got two of the packet re Presenters to the NY Matrimonial Commission (contained within the peach- colored Big Pic Report), and that one then did not get the enclosed packet which starts “Opening Remarks” re the NYMC and has several articles I deem very necessary to understanding how far those courts have fallen.

Top front page of NYT today, “As Bank Profits Grew, Warning Signs Went Unheeded.”  Hmmm…. As I mention in my report, 3-4 years ago there were 11 million sites requesting legal reform.  Warning signs are going unheeded in spades!  I also have a good doctor friend who 25 years ago was complaining about malpractice premiums.  We all know they haven’t gotten better and that doctors increasingly practice defensive medicine, etc.  But the bank profit problem relates to a mindset that interrelates to every issue at hand.  The profit motive that drives capitalism needs more checks and balances just as the legal system does.  Excessive CEO pay results in building McMansions which drives up all  housing via the well-known trickle effect and similarly holds down all other wages.  All sorts of required legal papers support contracts.  Some aspects indeed protect the weaker party, but if they default, addiction to dominance reigns supreme.  Foreclosures happen far more to the most vulnerable people, and frequently to single moms.  This surely adversely affects their kids, and the numbers are large because of our high divorce rate.  In the Brooklyn, NY ongoing Taub divorce case the husband (worth 50-100 million depending on how many hidden assets can be uncovered) has gotten 3 buildings near final foreclosure, one a multi-unit rental property.  Judges have mostly ignored this. Foreclosures of course adversely affect all creditors, too, but the lawyers make money!

Front cover of “Business Week” November 26 issue which arrived today- “Coming soon!  The Consumer Crunch - recession or not, American families will be forced to tighten their belts.”  As usual, pictures say a thousand words. A Merrill Lynch economist is saying the pullback could cost $200-300 billion, 2-3% of personal income, & hit rich and poor alike.  What, I wonder, is the financial impact of families robbed by unethical courts??  Lawyers of course will make money.  2 of you are lawyers; I was married to a lawyer for 23 years.  Good lawyers & judges are needed & great, but checks & balances re unfair ones is urgent!

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