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Judicial Forum, 10/26/14, sponsored by Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice- Questions by Susan Titus
Glascoff, Advisory Bd. Director of NCFJ & longtime nat'l public advocate

Two pertinent fairly recent books inspire useful questions- The Death of Common Sense, by Philip K. Howard, Esq. & HOW- How We Do Anything Means Everything in Business & in Life, by Dov Seidman

  1. What can be done to insure judicial orders get followed? Aren't judges being demeaned & our legal system mocked when some judges enforce contempt orders while others don't (some don't even issue them) & victims must turn to Appellate, costly in time & money (for victims & taxpayers, including those denied timely access), if Appellate even accepts the case?
  2. How can COMMON SENSE be enforceably applied re ALL types of cases, but especially when harms children? With regard to custody, why aren't moms & kids being believed when studies show fabrications of abuse run about 2%? In 3 recent prominent statistics relating to male violence- 70 out of 71 were men arrested for child pornography, 5% of males are born with greater tendency for violence, 1% of males seem to have predisposition for pedophilia.
  3. HOW can we create compassionate, constructive legal remedies that don't favor those with most power but recognize inherent gender differences & fact that it is in everyone's best interest to create checks & balances versus cycling abusive behaviors?
  4. Since judges are just as human as everyone else, HOW can enforceable sanctions be established when orders violate common sense & obviously fairness?
PS- A few proposed remedies & stark examples why needed: (some not new but still ignored)

I- a) Pay incentives for judges getting fewest filed complaints. b) Additional training required when receive serious complaints or over established min. #; removal if too many. c) Review boards, & include public posting of orders issued but not enforced & by whom.
II- a) Ex.-9+yr ongoing Brooklyn Taub divorce/bankruptcy ETC case- start of bankruptcy of wife, judge said husband still worth $41 million (result of many judges not enforcing orders)
b) oldest daughter's estranged husband allowed to get passport for minors without mom signing & tho husband rarely pd child support & earlier had criminal court order- supervised visitation, & he's now seeking custody. LAW needed- barred from custody if ever credible abuse alleged.
c) Columbia U. 9/21/14- Forensic conf. re custody. Etc.- key judge speaker – issued settlement order (Taub) at least 1 1/2yrs ago, enforced virtually nothing, bnkrptcy & legal costs increasing.
III- LAW needed- settlement agreements MUST include enforceable comparable lifestyles, incl. a “look-see” whenever credibly requested after & fines imposed for violations.

IV- a)Find ways to close loopholes, issue escalating fines for delaying tactics plus set fees for required items. b) To avoid high cost of transcripts & tampering, record- 1 taped copy for each party + judge.

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Need+ Sample Ideas re Legal Reforms, All Topics, Esp.re Kids, Oct.2,2014 St. John'sUniv. SusanTitusGlascoff  
                           (Please- google documentary, NoWayOutButOne, & also my name; see PS pg3)-10/5 minor edits+PPS pg4
I have one goal, RESULTS, meaning we must create enforceable checks & balances on our entire legal system that maximize fairness!! WHY do most feel it is often NOT fair? Because the goal has become Who CAN Win Versus What Is Fair, no matter the topic!! WHAT are the driving forces? Greed &/or punishment &/or Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde behavior. Isn't greed to varying degrees part of everyone's self-preservation instinct? When you are involved in a lawsuit, don't you hire a lawyer to win? Isn't the winner often who can find the most loopholes & drag suit longest, meaning who has the most power & control, often decided by money &/or influence? Thomas Jefferson said, “The germ of the destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary... it needs more checks & balances... the only remedy is to inform public discretion.” Everything is interrelated, hence compounding. Jefferson's germ is a cancer about to metastasize since it's been ~200 yrs. Compounding builds long dense flat base, then explodes!

What's the worst problem? How it affects kids. Why? Since how they turn out determines everything. Judges, lawyers, those in child protective services, teachers, CEOs, ETC. each have the same percent of dysfunction as the rest of us- influenced by childhood. A 1996-2006 study of just federal judges found ZERO sanctions given to ~843 judges in 29 states, despite 1000s of filed complaints! CA sanctioned 1, so not in the 29. No states yielded credible results. Advocates have long requested better training re abuse for family court issues. Judges ( Some have specialty in corporate law, etc. since family courts are deemed less prestigious.)must also rely on data provided, sometimes skewed by *GALs, by Dr.Jekyl /Mr. Hydes, case overload, politics, by money paid, etc. People fear criticizing judges & lawyers- result might worsen. Lawyers criticizing judges have lost license. To win appeals requires appellate judges to overturn colleagues' decisions- versus self-preservation! Tons of research, conferences etc have yielded little. Legal abuse has multiple facets. Increasing polarization of pay hurts families, hence kids. All contracts are legal documents. One CEO paid $400,000 to a lawyer to guarantee him $12 million severance pay if he was fired! Isn't that legalized thievery? Doesn't outrageous pay squeeze everyone?          *Guardian ad Litems- lawyers appointed to supposedly represent kids' best interest
Since fact our health system needed better care at lower cost finally sparked enough discussion to begin getting results, why can't we insist on a similar dialogue re establishing legal accountability? Can't a compassionate, constructive approach help by emphasizing power of indoctrination & cycling abuse? NYT had recent article noting problem of pedophiles who'd served their time finding it impossible to find lodging since they had to remain 1000 ft from schools, etc. I wrote NYT that media in general, by failure to expose abusive custody & visitation, help create pedophiles & other dysfunction by ignoring court abuse. People are outraged when I say there's data supporting 58,000/yr abusive custody & visits!

HOW can we (YOU at this conference) halt this cancer, acting as catalysts to get media dialogue going to create sustained public demand for enforceable checks & balances on our legal SYSTEM? ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE ARE WELCOME! But consider theme- every court decision must pass fairness groundrules- every state must create an enforceable plan or have one imposed. Suggest contests with incentives for creative constructive ideas since resistance to change often hardens with accusations, even when well-documented & presented compassionately. HOW about we each agree to contact ONE influential source, state goal -must include broad coordination? Some ideas for contacts-
  1. former Mayor Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns (deBlasio joined)- since one key focus is how gun violence hurts kids; suggest extension to include how to stop courts hurting kids via excess incarceration, abusive custody & visitation & unfair equitable distribution that impoverishes one parent relative to other, & other insensitive & unfair practices, etc.,
  2. enlist major media such as 60 MIN, major newpapers, etc,(60MIN ignored July'12 request thru contact)
  3. investigative reporters- ex. 3x pulitzer prize winner, Walt Bogdanich-July 12,'14 NYT article, Reporting Rape &Wishing She Hadn't, describing known reluctance to expose rapists mostly since it hurts sports & college reputation. Again- protecting one's own/self preservation wins. Suggest sample pg2 statistics be combined re a few legal abuse issues.[STG will try, too-interviewed by him '98 re hlth advocacy topic]
  4. contact authors of existing school programs that foster good relationships such as Atty. Lynn Gold-Bikin's Partners where HS kids use charades to act out relationship issues; suggest adapting to pre-k-12 & also coordinating with other programs to have something required in all schools; include improving help for kids of divorcing families & better coordinating with social services especially GALs is needed to help insure judges don't award abusive custody or unsupervised visitation. Media & many schools focus almost exclusively on problems of poor, omitting similar problems for most kids of divorce.
I will digress from my focus on kids to briefly highlight other legal excess & show (to enlist interest) interrelationships. In 2011 Atty. Philip Howard wrote the book, The Death of Common Sense, which analizes studies showing how excess suing adds huge costs to business, health care, education, individuals, & families via suit, passing many costs to all taxpayers. He estimated ~30cents per health care dollar due to defensive practices & suits. In 2008 to help with another speech I was giving, a retired judge prepared a “guestimate” that it cost ~$4500 to operate one courtroom for one day in NYC. That's taxpayer expense which hurts families. (Much has been written about kids, esp.non-whites being incarcerated too easily & long, promoting cycling abuse;huge cost) NYT just published that legal costs for capital cases across U.S. are overwhelming state budgets since getting execution dates takes average of 16 yrs & can take 25 yrs! (Added 10/5- NYT editorial bd 9/27-A Group Shout on Climate Change giving verdict on UN Climate Wk- Sec. Gen, presidents, mayors noted alarming changes, U.S./China possible cooperation; “trick might be bottom-up movement”as 300,000 marchers. STG-might counter lots legal resistance

In 1995, our esteemed panelist, Karen Huffer, established international recognition via her book, Legal Abuse Syndrome, describing a public health menace -PTSD caused by varied legal abuse. A 1993 Reader's Digest reported lg % of kids of divorce do far more poorly in school, yet few yrs ago a google legal abuse site said abuse of legal system ranks divorce as biggest civil court money maker. Since I'm the director of the National Advisory Board to the National Coalition for Family Justice (501C3 since 1988), I was asked to start attending the Brooklyn Taub divorce case Feb. 5, 2007 since legal abuse had already been suspected from outset, June 2005. Case ongoing 9+yrs, & I'm still attending- its the worst case of the over 10,000 the coalition has tried to help. Some highlights are, even though the husband had federal fraud convictions in 1998, judges keep doubting wife. He stole custody of youngest son at 14 & mother never saw him since. Father got mere 3 months probation for extortion re covering up sex abuse of that son by a rabbi. When wife declared bankruptcy in July 2008, female judge said she'd done her homework & estimated Mr. Taub was worth at least $41 million, yet same judge & other judges ignoring he had been ordered to pay wife maintence & mortgage! He's currently claiming he must reduce the already low maintenance -he often doesn't pay- because he can't afford it due to retiring. The settlement also said neither allowed to disparage other or kids from first marriages. Yet now it seems husband will be allowed to testify in favor of oldest daughter's estranged husband getting custody even though he had criminal court order for supervised visitation for indicated finding of sexually touching 10yr old daughter. He has rarely paid child support, yet judge waived mother's right to sign passport so husband could take kids to Israel (with what money?). 
       Aspects of above case are rampant across the U.S. The American Tort Foundation ranks areas they label Judicial Hellholes, & NYC was recently ranked 3rd in the U.S. A RICO suit (federal racketeering for money-laundering, etc) was filed in Taub case but judge (who gets accolades in the news) denied it as “frivolous!” A new book, The Robert's Court, merely puts custody issues in a string of problems but doesn't elaborate, & briefly notes excessive legal bills make representation out of middle class reach.
    I've been doing public advocacy my entire adult life. I'm in WWho in Amer, Business &Finance, etc, have masters in Health Advocacy & Math, 5 sons-2 step, 8 grndkds,1st married 23yrs to high-level atty.

PS-I'm clueless what's best wording, what samples to include, etc! As others have said, Democracy pg3 is a team sport!” We are in danger of doing too little too late re many serious issues, with excess & outright abuse of legal system usually a factor, often controlling. Data overwhelms- decades of books, conferences, research papers, judicial forums, articles- ??results??- even though well-presented plus detailed appeals made to judges, lawyers, Att. Gen'ls, gov't, media.....I've contacted 100s, written tons!

WHAT'S the ELEPHANT in the ROOM? Failure to personalize- connect all the interrelated dots back significantly to YOUR doorstep. Sept/Oct 2014 Audubon mag.- climate change(& how it imperils over ½ of NAmer. Bird species by 2080) - biggest public myth is belief many scientists disagree... 97% agree! We're not good at recognizing incremental changes that could pose potentially calamitous risks...
We need a new relationship with energy to go with our evolving new relationship with climate....Major university studies show intentional strategy to sow doubt, but aerial pics of Miami show moon tides now pushing water on streets through storm drains...23 of 25 densely populated counties border coast... Lots analyses here & abroad- global transition to clean energy is technically & economically feasible. Barriers to achieving it are social/political.“Political” includes legal barriers & increasingly apply to everything. 9/23NYT-Watchdog for Police is Accepting Complaints-let's bombard them, expand nat'lly.

WHAT'S ANOTHER ELEPHANT in ROOM? Not requiring only WIN/WIN ideas since greed, self-
preservation, & power of indoctrination are strong. Sept. 2014 Readers' Digest, pg 80- “Ancestors had to get 'carrots,' meaning food & mates. If don't get carrot today, get another chance tomorrow. But if fail to avoid predator- whap! Our brains became wired to hyper-focus on bad news.” Lots of studies show emotional brain damage from abuse, yet even when we get evaluation including mostly good, studies show tendency to focus on criticism. Cliché applies-“catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”
How about incentives for judges to get fewest filed complaints, all issues, but esp. re kids? How can we constructively expose contradictions- Megan's Law- keep pedophiles away from kids but abusive custody or unsupervised visitation- judges order kids to live with pedophile? AMEND-if doubt, err on caution, etc.Military, sports, colleges, police promote rape by not constructively handle abusers/ note cycling. Re lots issues-scrutinize plea bargains, rethink sealed records, citizen review bds, rewards.
Need to elevate prestige of family court judges, require better training(all court actors) & increase pay.

Team up with someone when you approach a source. Do your homework- appeal to their self-interest. Maybe google reviews of hopeful or helpful plus troubling books, etc. such as Animal Madness- How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots.... Help Us Understand Ourselves; HOW- How We Do Anything Means Everything in Business & in Life; Perfect Match (novel accurately portraying how courts fail kids & protective parents when sex abuse occurs); The Death of Common Sense (by lawyer re courts) Beyond Outrage- What Has Gone Wrong with Our Economy & Our Democracy & How to Fix It; Border Patrol Nation & also The Divide-each re how we are becoming police state, but esp. vs poor & esp. vs people of color- policies keep them poor; Positive Parenting for a Peaceful World (great short easy read); yr 2000 movie, Pay It Forward (challenge-make them entertaining enough to draw crowds).

Support & request entertaining, constructive media such as described on front page NYT Arts 9/23, A Marriage in Trouble in Triplicate, theater acting out- “This is the way we were, way we are, & way we will be. And we are fools if we think we can separate any of these versions from the others...3 sets of couples play same couple at different stages.” It was taken from 6-part TV series of 4 decades ago when marriage rates began decline. Since people want to be happy, I'm hoping re-evaluation ensues, to increase marriage & keep together or deal more constructively with divorce, esp. for sake of kids.

NYT, 9/23, America Out of Whack- growing doubts free market can distribute growth rewards to those making it possible. STG- Isn't that because legal SYSTEM is used as weapon vs those who seek fairness?
PPS 10/5- I ran out of time to get this pg ready for Oct.2 conference. Some ex's also came afterwards/pg4

1) Since my theme is since we often fail to interrelate things (connect dots), they compound (ex-deferred maintenance of roof leak), I had page explaining Butterfly Effect- “small change in one place can result in large changes later.” On back of page I had a graph of compounding-long flat base, finally abruptly rises, then skyrockets. Since kids learn what they live, the more bad experiences they have (worse earlier it starts), the more they compound. To sense compounding double penny daily for one month-
 1, 2, 4, 8.... Even I, a former math teacher, am always astounded by final amount! 

2) NYT 9/27/14- a) Nicholas Kristof, Stranger Danger & Guns- reports extremely disturbing statistics- 92% of Americans & 75% of N.R.A. members favor universal background checks before gun purchases since other statistics show what we've often heard- homes with guns have lots more suicides, murders, accidental gun deaths, etc.     b) Frank Bruni, The Wilds of Education, REMINDS us that education is supposed to challenge & expand young minds (How else would all sorts of inventions occurred?). He cites several examples where some parents have objected to books (that refer to rape, civil disobedience, etc, even though they're full of life lessons about responsibility,etc), commencement speakers, etc. despite many students protesting. 
DO WE STILL HAVE DEMOCRACY IF less than 50% of voters DETERMINE LAWS, etc. FOR rest of us?
  1. NYT 10/3/14, Jim Dwyer, Bureaucracy Turns Hero into a Rogue, states “by omitting essential context suggested a therapist was acting in self-interest in fund-raising, when in fact principal & others were using it to enable a disabled kid to write a creative book.” The legal system VERY regularly allows cases to be determined via “omitting essential context!”
  2. NYT 5/21/14- Joseph Berger, 71 Are Accused in Child Pornography Case, Officials Say, noting 70 men & 1 woman, & said “we can no longer assume people who prey on children are drifters as they included a police chief, nurses, boy scout leader, etc.” THAT'S NOT NEW NEWS! Nor is fact most sexual abusers are male. So why do judges, etc continue to doubt mothers' claims?
  3. Phyllis Chesler's 2001 book, Women's Inhumanity to Women-“a peculiar silence surrounds woman's inhumanity to woman.” I agree. She says “women love & depend on each other, but can't change cruelty to each other till admit it. They often choose peace over conflict which often means accepting status quo & punishing anyone challenging it. More need to choose justice.”I've noted cruelty of some female judges.
  4. 4/11/14- Mothers' Day in Washington DC- 4-day conf. (?5th) re safe mothers who lost custody of kids to batterers & molesters. ALL-DAY SEMINARS TO TEACH MOTHERS HOW TO TRY TO HELP KIDS LIVING WITH ABUSERS!! Is this Iraq? When several studies have long shown fabrication of abuse is ~2%, WHY can't we focus on the kids, not fathers' rights? BUT NOT WITHOUT COMPASSION as many were 1st abused themselves, which is why we must do everything to stop cycling abuse of all sorts! 98% of divorces are not about abuse, but can't ignore ~58,000 divorce cases/yr have judges order kids to abusive custody/unsupervised visits!!
  5. NYT letters to editor, 2/10 re 2/3/14, “The Middle Class Is Steadily Dwindling. Just Ask the Business World,” virtually all indicate belief capitalism can't survive when too few can buy what capitalists make; such wealth hasn't been seen since Gilded Age. I AGAIN EMPHASIZE THAT ALL CONTRACTS are LEGAL DOCUMENTS, henceVIA LEGAL SYSTEM we must ESTABLISH CHECKS & BALANCES FOR FAIRER PAY TOP TO BOTTOM. Note continued exploitation of parttime workers (Part-Time Schedules, Full-Time Headaches, 7/18- & there was flurry of too few efforts to “limit harshest effects,”
  6. NYT 9/21 Kristof- Alicia Keys Asks: Why Are We Here? Picture of nude (covering essentials) pregnant Alicia with peace sign on belly-to finally get attention,“galvanize infantry of fans from feeling frustrated to improving world.” She asks support for 12 groups; next steps -petitions, rallies, protests, fundraising...

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request to sign petition for legal accountability - link below

democracy for america legal accountability petition

Linking U.S. Falling Rankings in Gender Equity, Education, Health Care, Extremes in Compensation, etc. to Need for Legal Accountability, Nov. 27, 20133

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 11/27/2013 9:58 AM

Why have I waited 9 months to add to my blog? I write regularly to diverse sources about the need for national dialogue to express compassionate, constructive ideas for checks & balances on our legal system, abuse of which increasingly affects bottom line of everything! Much is too long for a blog or is to a specific key source where some is best kept confidential. I often write a letter-to-editor of NYT, with a PS of several pages about several articles, not all from NYT. I'm often out of time and finish well past midnight. Data I present is always from a credible source, but nothing is error proof. How it's expressed always involve my opinion, too, but I agonize over fairest and most diplomatic presentation.

WHY am I so persistent? I'm gender neutral (I have 5 sons-2 step), but I believe the Nov. 24 NYT Sunday Dialogue expresses my fears succinctly. First letter notes- “The United States does not even appear in top 20 countries ranked for gender equality in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap report for 2013.” Also, haven't we all read how we keep slipping further down the ranking list re education, health care relative to quality and cost, and even horrendous things such as sex trafficking? Several years ago NYT reported about 60,000 are trafficked annually through Atlanta. We've long been ranked poorly for excessive suing- also costs and awards plus excessive incarcerations- both in number and duration. We top the list for excessive compensation. ETC! WHY?

I believe our decrease in rankings is failure to interrelate- failure to connect the dots, AND failure to participate enough in democracy. Anything not checked gradually compounds. Anything which compounds, slowly builds a base like a coiled spring, then starts abruptly rising, soon to skyrocket out of control. Hasn't unchecked capitalism led to excess profit seeking affecting business, health care (including drug prices), excess compensation, excess cost of higher education (some college presidents make over a million, sports & other facilities are over-the-top, etc), all a sense of entitlement including ease of suing, hence fear of it and way too many defensive practices (often subtle) built into everything (including divorce issues in court for years)? Aren't ALL contracts legal documents? NYT reported a CEO paid $400,000 to a lawyer for his contract to guarantee $12M severance pay even if he was fired!

Consider the Brooklyn, NY Taub case which I keep reporting about because in my opinion it is an example of about every kind of legal abuse you could imagine. I want YOU to zero in on how dysfunctional our legal SYSTEM has become. The case began June 2005. In its 8 ½ yrs (ongoing, so huge taxpayer expense and loss of court availability, loss to creditors, ETC., to say nothing of lots of abuse testimony, millions in legal fees) it includes divorce, multiple foreclosures, bankruptcy, mail fraud, money laundering (documents re illegal property transfers and lots unpaid taxes and forged signatures, ETC) , scads of ignoring of judicial orders ignored by the system as well, including higher level judges and politicians and the FBI and media (who twisted data presented), a mere 3 months probation for extortion- wiretapped evidence of husband receiving 1st $75,000 of 2-300,00 to keep quiet about sex abuse of son (whom he stole custody of and judges ignored), ETC! A Global Settlement was signed by both sides last April, to be finalized in ~45days. I guess somebody can't read the calendar! Update- Nov. 21 a new document reduces settlement by $100,000 in side deal with Simon”-(THAT is illegal Ex Parte- both parties MUST be present). BUT at bottom it says-Statement of Confidentiality and notes the material may only be read by intended recipient(wife- Chana Taub) and any distribution (to anyone) is prohibited. WHAT DOES THAT SAY TO YOU?? IT SAYS TO ME THAT EVEN IF THE LAW IS BEING VIOLATED, VICTIMS CAN'T TELL ANYONE, AND IF THEY DO, THAT SOURCE (IN THIS CASE ME) CAN'T TELL ANYONE- EXCEPT PERHAPS A LAWYER OR JUDGE- BUT THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN TOLD ABOUT ABUSE AND IT ONLY GETS WORSE! Also, wife was asked (and this OFTEN happens in lots of different legal cases) to sign away her right to ever sue her husband for anything (except to enforce maintenance, but courts have already ignored that vast majority of the time), and see above- that includes any past illegal acts!

Don't such restrictions violate civil rights, freedom of speech, intent of Constitution in general?

In my local theater I just watched a documentary I hope many see- Inequality For All, by Robert Reich (former advisor to presidents and Secretary of Labor, author, professor at Berkeley). He says “widening inequality in income, wealth, and opportunity is rapidly getting out of control...It's systemic- it has to do with how we've organized society....The economy can't function when the vast middle class doesn't have the purchasing power to keep the economy going....We elect people we assume will make fundamental changes, and then go home and do what we were doing before without realizing that an election is just the beginning of the challenge. They need all our help and support to succeed.” I agree but it must also include insisting that our media properly inform the public, including the need to establish constructive, compassionate enforceable checks and balances on our legal system, as well as fostering a fairer and more balanced society – partly by requiring enhancing ability to learn in schools via programs such as what NYT just reported about K-12 programs to teach emotional intelligence.

In a new book, “Informing the News,” by Thomas Patterson (Harvard professor of politics and public policy), he says “Sensationalism is the hallmark of soft news, and controversy increasingly defines hard news. Unless something feels like a crisis, most journalists can't be bothered with it....Few attributes in a news story are more highly prized by a journalist than novelty.... need to attract an audience....errors go uncorrected....power rather than truthfulness is the operative word....too often profit and convenience are placed ahead of duty to inform....during the health care debate, flash points like the “death panel” dominated, so cost containment escaped public attention....Journalists are vulnerable to manipulation by their sources... NYT Op-Ed writer, Maureen Dowd- 'never before has so much information been available to us (noting web), yet never have we had greater need for information grounded in facts rather than spin and speculation.'....Patterson quotes Yale Law School's Bruce Ackerman- “Journalists will falter and ultimately fail if their set of 'facts' is seen by the public as little better than those offered up by talk show hosts.....” Patterson calls for an overhaul of journalism practice and education (need more scientific method, etc) since our democracy depends on accurate information. He quotes others who predict disaster for our democracy if facts are denied the public.
Let's "connect more dots" re our children.  Kent Keith (Harvard, Oxford, famed author of "Anyway,"- The Paradoxical Commandments, Finding Meaning in a Crazy World) -"There is nothing more important than what happens to the children. If there is no hope for our children, there is no hope at all.  The future of the world depends on the kinds of people today's children turn out to be."  Though repeatedly informed, consider that major media including NYT, Yale Divinity School (I hand-delivered a copy and other data asking they alone or with other divinity schools expose that our family courts need review, but got no response even though I went with a recommendation from YDS alum) and Congress (given copies fall 2012) have not publicized fact reported in multiple award-winning documentary, No Way Out But One (please google it), that in ~58,000 cases per year U.S. judges give custody or unsupervised visitation to an abusive parent. NWOBO is true story of mom/kids getting asylum in Netherlands FROM U.S. Mom had hospital evidence father hitting son caused brain damage.  Another of our lousy rankings- media have finally been publishing we have highest incarceration rate, including kids, in the developed world and that Europe has highly successful rehabilitation rate instead.  Isn't it common sense that abusive custody or high incarceration will promote cycling abuse hurting ALL society?
ALL the above point to fact that democracy only works when it is a team sport. PLEASE insist and discuss ideas with friends, family AND media and your representatives making democracy work better!

NYT letter to editor, A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating Lawyers

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 2/16/2013 10:37 AM 
NYT letter to editor, A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating Lawyers, Ethan Bronner, Feb. 11, 2013

It was a relief to read that there is almost universal agreement that the current system is broken. A focus is needed to create more skill levels to reduce education expenses & taylor training & consumer cost for non-court matters. However, I am disappointed that no mention was made re need for more practical training re lots of specific issues, one key one being anything relating to family courts (including raising the prestige level), another being excessive hourly billing re anything likely to head to court, a third being addressing loophole issues (such as scads of delaying tactics), & a monumental fourth one being establishing enforceable checks & balances on unfair (or worse) behavior by any court actors, but especially judges.

A task force member noting “The house is on fire” is right on target! How about making an educational project in lawschool to address closing loopholes (students could choose specialties)?

Susan Titus Glascoff

(WWho in Amer, etc, masters Health Advocacy & Math....)

PS-Commentary-other articles,(next blog entry 2 pg questionnaire on web re “YOU Be Judge- 10 questions about legal accountability, & disturbing facts.” [Taub case-legal abuse grows- proposed settlement very convoluted, trying to hide fact it subtracts out all it 1st gives, awards abuse!!]
  1. 2/11/13- “Measure to Protect Women Stuck on Tribal Land Issue,”- the fact that the horrors of what has been happening have long been ignored is despicable & again makes us not much better than how India & many countries with third-world areas treat females. Note Mr. Udall said, “Native women should not be abandoned to a jurisdictional loophole.” Choose any topic- you'll find a crying need to close legal loopholes!

  2. 2/6/13- “A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home to Maryland,” - it notes that prosecutors & jurors ignored glaring problems with witnesses. WHY? HOW? Mr. Bloodstone only managed to win his release after 9 years in the state's most decrepid & violent prison. How about those who don't possess such willpower or intelligence or get lucky enough to snag some lawyer's interest? Then he was merely awarded $300,000 in compensation, yet the legal system awards plaintiffs millions for lesser suffering! What about victims in civil court, especially the excruciating pain for protective parents when custody is awarded to abusers, even in the face of documented evidence (& many of course can't produce that, but the testimony is usually searing when it is the truth- credible studies put lying about this very low- I think less than 5%). How about those impoverished by the system? What about the intangible costs to society from cycling abuse?

  3. 2/5/13- “In 2 Trailers, The Neighbors Nobody Wants,”- hmmmm.......society doesn't want released sexual predators near where they live, but how about fact the media keeps ignoring that for thousands (The award-winning documentary, NoWayOutButOne, notes ~58,000 cases per yr reported where child is awarded into custody of an abuser) the abuser is in the house?

  4. 2/11/13- “The Ignorance Caucus,” Paul Krugman- his sarcasm is excellent noting Mr. Cantor calling for an end to federal funding of social science research is “Because it's surely a waste of money seeking to understand the society we're trying to change.” And Mr. Krugman also correctly directs his anger at the NRA bullying fed. agencies into ceasing nearly all research about firearms & violence. How about another research project for law students & professors as well- how can we establish laws & regulations that prevent minority views blocking the majority, esp. when it is over 60%?

  5. 2/12/13- “Carpe Diem Nation,” David Brooks- “we forget- most our ancestors were immigrants who left everything to establish a new life, working hard for better future for their kids... We've become so greedy we sacrifice our kids' future!” How about legal research: curbing right to sue, insisting on reasonable awards &malpractice premiums, fair treatment non-whites long abused?

YOU BE the JUDGE- answer questions about legal accountability

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 2/11/2013 2:22 PM
YOU BE the JUDGE- answer questions about Legal Accountability, Feb. 2013, S.Titus Glascoff                                                                                                                                         
Definitions: 1st read 1-10 top- pair exactly with questions 1-10 bottom- answer YES or NO for each.    [Note- #7-10, are criminal offenses, except #8 + tax evasion- part of #9- can be criminal or civil]

           1) purpose of court- where justice is administered,
    2) justice- happens when result is based on legal or moral principles,

    3) job description- Judges must ensure all proceedings are fair, protect rights of all involved,

    4) Judicial Complaint Commission-to protect public(can file complaint), promote confidence in integrity, independence, & impartiality of judiciary, including encouraging high standards,

    5) abuse of judicial discretion- violation of due process(gov't.fairness), reason, facts of case,

    6) contempt of court- willfully disobeying court orders & regulations; judges are not required to enforce own orders; victims can file contempt motion -judges may dismiss it, order fines or jail,

    7) extortion- undue exercise of power (ex.- bribery) to get money from people,

    8) fraud- deceit to gain advantage, especially (not necessarily) if financial responsibility,

    9) obstruction of justice & money laundering overlap-ex: interfering by actions or words with court actions, tax evasion, illegal property transfers, using courts as weapon of retaliation, etc,

    10) RICO (Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act), Congress- guilty- individual or Mob-violated at least 2 federal & 8 state statutes showing pattern, enterprise/conspiracy.


1.  Can the purpose of courts be met if : a) loopholes & other delaying tactics deny timely access?              b) Medical services are denied since malpractice premiums high(awards too high, easy to sue)?

2.  Is justice denied if opposing side has more money to drag case on longer than you can afford?

3.  Have judges fulfilled their job description if they rule for one side versus opposing facts given?

4.  Judicial Complaint Commission is not allowed to correct judges' orders that even violate laws. Appellate judges do that. Both groups rarely rule vs other judgesIsn't outside review needed? (1996-2006 study-all federal judges in 50 states, 1000s complaints, in 29 none got sanctioned.) (Documented 58,000 cases/yr -courts give custody to abuser when clear evidence abuse given.)

5.  Would you consider it an
abuse of judicial discretion if in a 7yr bankruptcy/divorce case wife is forced to Chap.11 bankruptcy/foreclosure, judges saying- husband wealthy/still ignoring orders, including taking or interfering with wife's rent collections, not paying home mortgage, ETC?
6.  Contempt of court
motions (for not obeying judge orders), & related required “motions” - lots are often filed by victims (taking lots time & money from them + taxpayer expense + other cases delayed, etc).    Is it fair to require victims to repeatedly try to get judges to enforce their orders? 7. If a father was found guilty of extortion (wire-tapped evidence given re recipt of 1st $75,000 of $2-300,000 requested) for agreeing to cover up sex abuse of son, is 3 months probation enough?

8. Would you call it
fraud-someone often filed taxes yrs late,spent lots more than income declared, ignored judges' orders to make many kinds of payments & this forced a person into bankruptcy?

9. a) Would you consider it
obstructing justice & money laundering if apartment bldg. ownership transferred for $10 (to foreign citizen) against judge orders?  b) If judges ignore that, including if victim filed contempt motions, would you consider that using courts as a weapon of retaliation?

10. Some of approx. 35 violations on
RICO list are: “if it relates to sexual exploitation of children, wire fraud, extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, fraud connected with a chap.11 case, enterprise-“including individual, partnership, association, or other legal entity OR group of individuals associated in fact though not a legal entity.”  a)  If someone claimed as income rent from several bldgs (he transferred his ownership against judge's orders), would you agree that meets RICO requirement for enterprise or conspiracy since they could not do it alone?  b)  If yes, & they did all things listed (>2 fed, 8 state) in this paragraph, would you judge them guilty of RICO?

  PLEASE forward this widely- friends, politicians, media.  Cost of suits + defensive practices are built into everything, & abusive practices are well known to have high recycling rates- a costly spiral!!
                           Don't judges, etc need checks/balances just like us?

                                  Our Kids 'Kant' Wait So Neither Can We!

Disturbing facts- A) Google- “Judicial Hellhole.” The American Tort Foundation ranks many across the U.S. & lists several criteria such as “impossible to get a fair trial.” Isn't that a Third World Tactic??[Google award-winning documentary, NoWayOutButOne- given Congress inside book, Our Broken Family Courts, 10/12]

Quotes from 3 lawyers, 2 male, from case- #10- partly described - a) Court must enforce orders to maintain respect for the judicial system & prevent breakdown & respect for laws. Not enforcing orders causes lots more legal fees & contributes to anarchy. Find this man in contempt & fine or jail him.”  b)  Lawyer is former nun & U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee- Failure to stop abuse in this case is a challenge & affront to the credibility of your honor (female). You have authority to stop fraud here. U.S. Bankruptcy Court is not a playground for foul & offensive practices.”    c)  “I've worked in matrimonial court 14yrs, 100s of cases, some high profile. Hold this man in contempt since he often misrepresented facts.”  The case is in Brooklyn, N.Y.   NYTimes Feb. 8, 2013 - “Prosecutor's Appeal for 7th Term: 'We're Not Done' ” - agree,Dist.Atty.Hynes has made some good progress recently.   Many know he's long had to battle Mob influence, ETC., but too many victims continue to suffer, including children.   If he & feds “stepped up to the plate” in above case, which will make prominent news, don't you think he could then retire setting a good example that could act as catalyst to force national discussion that abuse in our courts must stop?

C)  An article recently stated that our legal system has increasingly become far more about profit than justice. A google legal abuse site reported that divorce issues have become the biggest money maker for the non-criminal (civil) legal system.  Wouldn't helping stressed families help society?  Regardless of the topic, is stressing loopholes & who can afford the most aggressive lawyer, etc, etc. healthy for our society? 1-2 decades ago it was reported that we litigated 10 TIMES more per person than England.         Read book, The Death of Common Sense, by lawyer, Philip. K. Howard..
D) In 2008 a retired judge (agrees system broken) prepared a “guestimate” for me that in the NYCity area it cost about $4500 to operate one courtroom for one day.   THAT is taxpayer expense!   Some areas have been cutting hours courts are open, etc, etc. to balance budgets. That only increases backlogs.   How about cutting loopholes?!  Also, doesn't  failure to sanction unfair judges tarnish many good ones?!

Radio Interview by Abuse Freedom United

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 12/16/2011 7:18 PM
Abuse Freedom United, Radio Interview, Nov. 6, 2011, 7-9 PM, by Jane Boyer of Susan T. Glascoff

(STG- Masters- Health Advocacy & Math, Member Who's Whos in America & 5 other WWs due to 40+ yrs public advocacy of many topics, former school board member & math teacher, ongoing ~10yrs-Exec. Director Advisory Bd. to Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice- gender-neutral 501C3 since 1988 helping divorcing people experiencing problems with courts; 3 sons, 2 stepsons, 5 grandchildren, website- www.advocateforlegalaccountability.com)

THEME- Lack of legal accountability, no matter the topic, is strangling the U.S. Reported ~ 2 yrs ago-

Illinois newspaper- “We import lawsuits, export jobs,” FL Sentinel- “1/10 of our small businesses go out of business due to legal excess,” Atty. Philip Howard in book, “Death of Common Sense,” ~30% of health care costs go to legal system,” legal abuse web site- greatest % of civil cases concern divorce.

PRIME ISSUE- Justice system has turned upside down- It's too often Who Can Win, NOT What's Just.

TONIGHT'S FOCUS- How it affects families, esp. our children, hence our future in ALL regards!

Consider Kent Keith's (lawyer, PhD, Harvard, Oxford, etc.)book, “Anyway” pg 114- “If there is hope for our children, there is every hope. If there is no hope for our children, there is no hope at all. The future of the world depends on the kinds of people today's children turn out to be.”

KEY “TERMS”- power & control, judicial discretion/immunity, loopholes, media, rules of evidence & legalese, overwhelming, common sense, checks/balances, transparency, big cost, hrly billing, plea brgn, guardians ad litem, impoverishment, fraud, interconnected, Occupy Wall St., outrageous compensation, power of compounding, denial, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, cycling abuse,PTSD, cliches, credibility, substance abuse, FBI,etc, invitation to creative compassionate, constructive dialogue incld. contests & incentives.

Since everything is interconnected, isn't Occupy Wall Street the OVERWHELMING result of public belief that multiple aspects of how our government is operating have been compounding towards dysfunction? Isn't legal system one branch of government? Don't all know it's too easy to sue, & legal bills can impoverish or even bankrupt you? Conferences, books, & many media have been presenting for decades that we need legal reform, yet it never seems to be a theme of national dialogue, even now with OWS? WHY NOT?? It was just reported that Mr. Corzine, former head of Goldman Sachs, paid a lawyer $400,000 to insure severance pay for his next job would be $12.1M.

ALL contracts are legal documents, including compensation, but also including marriages & divorces. All know that children of divorce have more problems concentrating in school, have higher rates of turning to substance abuse, & generally tend towards more behavior that either hurts themselves &/or society including often as adults. There's tons of evidence that abusive behaviors cycle (judges & guardians need FAR more training re that). SO WHY are we ignoring that divorce has become a huge industry here versus trying to do everything we can to lessen the rate (There are some wonderful school programs on challenges of good partnering & parenting- so why isn't some form REQUIRED? An excellent book by Ruth Tod- “Positive Parenting for a Peaceful World,” should be read by all. Atty. Lynn-Gold-Bikin's “Partners” HS program that uses charades for dialogue, & similar programs are too scantily used.) or DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to help insure the best results possible when divorce is inevitable?
What often happens in divorce/family courts instead? Many cases drag on for years, impoverishing either entire family or one spouse relative to other. Custody has become a huge battle where kids are treated like commodities & hidden issue is often not custody but child support. Consider the Brooklyn, NY notorious Taub case ongoing 6 ½ yrs. Mother bankrupt though father was noteded by court to be worth at least $43M. Home & 3 small rental properties deeded to her are in foreclosure due to courts not enforcing OWN orders- maintenance, child support, paying marital mortgage, not interferring with rent collection, questionably dismissing RICO vs husband. Foreclosures & bankruptcies cost everyone, as does operation of courts (Retired judge prepared guestimate for me -it costs ~ $4500/day to operate 1 courtroom in NYC area. Many states are cutting legal budgets, but NOT cutting legal manipulation, so things are getting worse). Mr. Taub- got suspended sentence re extortion re covering up sex abuse of then-14yr old son whom he stole custody of, mother has't seen since; all courts ignored + tax evasion, etc. Oldest daughter by 1st marriage (testified re years abuse by stepfather) is fighting judge giving persmission for her estranged husband to get kids' passports without LAW'S required signing by both parents; judge ignored father owes ~$194,000 child support ~8yrs for 5 kids & had criminal order for supervised visitation for sexually touching 10 yr old daughter. In court hall 10/31 Mr. Taub asked “How can wife win last 5 appeals -lost 42; judges/lawyers like $. I can drag this 5 more yrs?” STG there.

There have been judicial conferences, etc, drawing up legal reform guidelines; little changes because judges continue to have near total immunity & discretion. How about some common sense? Consider -legal definition of fraud -“deliberate intention to deceive if have a fiduciary responsibility.” Don't most court cases involve fiduciary responsibility? If records etc. are withheld (in Taub case no judge fully enforced Discovery in 6+ yrs), as in scads of cases, that IS fraud! Hence, courts are promoting fraud & IT MUST STOP! FBI interviewed me 3x!??? Last wk 23 yr old daughter released tape of father, Family Court Judge Adams of TX, beating her with leather belt; both she & her mother reported yrs of abuse. Shouldn't that result in immediate expulsion from the bench? Common sense anybody?? Justice?? The award-winning documentary NoWayOutButOne.com has just been released where mother & kids got asylum in Netherlands FROM U.S. due to abusive courts. Shame on us!! The 9th annual Battered Mothers' Custody conference (national, held in Albany, NY & attended by many men who are outraged by this as well) gets no major media coverage- why not? Pres. Obama created a post on violence against women (to which I report) but little has visibly changed. 1996-2006 study, all federal judges, 843 in 29 states & thousands complaints- NONE got sanctioned- doesn't such tarnish good judges or impair their efforts? Doesn't absolute power tend to corrupt absolutely? Is ANY group good at policing itself? IN 2005 I prepared huge Big Picture Legal Reform Report (well-documented) I sent to over 200, including 23 senators, media, etc. & in 2002 sent 200 petitions to at least one major newspaper per state, ETC. I requested legal reform be topic for presidential debates in 2004 & 2008. I'm trying to get it as topic for 2012 -will YOU HELP spread word? I ALWAYS request only compassionate, constructive solutions & suggest state & local contests & incentives. Years ago it was reported we litigated 10x more per person than England. Excessive, abusive litigation & fear of it is strangling the U.S. Can we survive this way?

1821- Thomas Jefferson, “The germ of destruction of our nation is in power of the judiciary.” Reason given was lack of checks & balances. He soon said- “The only remedy is to inform the public discretion.” I believe the germ is a cancer about to metastasize via the power of compounding & fact that everything is interrelated. Helen Keller- “None are so blind as those who will not see.” Edmund Burke- “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.” Margaret Mead- “Never doubt a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Pascal- “Justice without force is powerless, force without justice is tyrannical.” Samuel Johnson- “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” Sylvester Stallone- “I think I'd like to be remembered as someone who beat the odds through just plain determination... that I persevered. Because I think that being somewhat of a pest to life, constantly plaguing & pursuing, will bring results.” Latter has surely been my motto, but I think time has run out because the power of compounding of interrelated issues is about to skyrocket out of control if we the people don't LOUDLY INSIST NO MORE NONSENSE NOW!!!! Retired Chief NY State Judge Judith Kaye said something like-“Courts lose effectiveness when they lose public respect.” I ask, “How can we promote democracy or survive if our legal system is a sham?” Our Kids 'Kant' Wait So Neither Can We!!

PS- Since interview Appellate Court denied mother's appeal to stop judge from ignoring law that states for minors to get passports, both parents must sign!  Does the U.S. really want to allow international abduction? Etc!

Note NYC is listed as the 6th Judicial Hellhole by the American Tort Reform Association. Can we ignore judicial hellholes?

Misrepresentations by NYPost re same by Judge D'Emic; followed by upcomiing historic test Supreme Court case re abusive family courts

Posted by susan titus glascoff at 5/6/2011 11:49 AM
NYPost- comment re 4/28 “Judge kicks 'War of Roses' couple out of house,” answered 4/29/11
 (90++% below- documented, rest my opinion, but none lightly given) (Email me at susantitusglascoff@hotmail.com if you want copy of outrageous Memorandum decision by Judge D'EDmic)

LIE- husband has NOT lived on other side of ridiculous wall 1st Judge Sarah Krauss (later recused for bias) ordered installed 2005, so only kicking out wife. Husband visits, has other(s) live there to illegally (vs one of many ignored court orders) control utilities (turn heat way down, etc), make late loud noises, etc., AS COURT HAS BEEN INFORMED! HOW ABOUT- “ALL SOCIETY LOSES WHEN COURTS DON'T OPERATE FAIRLY, NO MATTER THE TOPIC?”

Consider that Judge D'Emic, & all judges, ignored that maintenance was rarely paid to wife for 6yrs, orders for husband to pay home mortgage were never enforced, etc. causing wife's bankruptcy last 3 yrs. Letter FROM IRS to wife's lawyer July 2009 said husband's last tax returns was 2004. (Could YOU get away with that?) Husband had 3 federal fraud convictions in 1998, was in bankruptcy 1998-2001. He declared $77,000 in 2002 (Judge D'Emic reports $650,000 by 2006, ~$1 Million now, but neither reflects even just all rents he collects, as all judges have been informed). Yet Judge D'Emic reports he immediately got loans to build apartments (over 40 luxury, illegally in commercial zone, AND versus Judge Carolyn Demarest -later recused for bias- orders transferred that property to daughter- March 2007). COULD YOU GET LOANS UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES? Simon Taub stole custody of 14 year old son, mother hasn't seen him since. Mr. Taub has currently had his extortion hearing postponed 3x re keeping quiet re sexual abuse of that son. He still hasn't provided courts with his bank statements (more ignored orders- part of Discovery), yet has been acknowledged by judges to be wealthy (bankruptcy Judge Stong estimated he's worth $40+ million). Judge D'Emic ordered only wife's small properties sold, proceeds halved (little value will be left- all in foreclosure) while he pays wife far less than reasonable value for his properties he gets to keep. Also, from wife's share, he gets to deduct some of legal fees (wives usually get legal fees when husband is sole breadwinner; also get to stay in marital home). All wife's lawyers have soft-pedaled case, withdrawn, succumbed to “intimidation,” etc. Judge D'Emic “ignored” that legal fees equal millions, most incurred by Simon (Caused many delays, etc.). Chana owes at least several hundred thousand!

Monthly maintenance Judge D'Emic ordered- sad joke since maintenance has never been enforced (Future enforcement likely to take court time for years, continuing to cost public, denying access, etc.), & is surely less than should come from multimillionaire! Part of reason first divorce action was denied is because Judge Carolyn Demarest wouldn't allow testimony of NOTED expert domestic violence witness re his 7 hrs interviewing wife, determining she exhibits all parameters of an abused wife! Wife's credibility has been frequently questioned. Isn't that backwards? ETC!! Another judge dismissed RICO (fed. racketeering)  filed pro se. Consider that Simon has only one mailbox for illegal apts, has often been in tax arrears, ETC! Hmm...

Chana Taub is going to appeal (more court time; she has no choice AGAIN). Let's cheer for her AND START EXTENSIVE PUBLIC DIALOGUE RE ESTABLISHING EFFECTIVE CHECKS & BALANCES ON OUR LEGAL SYSTEM! Excessive legal costs hurt business, health care, families, individuals, & fuel state & federal deficits! Judicial hellholes (official term) exist across U.S. Unfair judges & lawyers hinder good ones! A study -1996-2006 reported of ~ 840 federal judges in 29 states, thousands of complaints, NONE got sanctioned. Do YOU think that makes sense??

At request of president of National Coalition for Family Justice I've attended this case since Feb. 5, 2007 since court abuse was suspected. Investigative sources have done little. I am in Who's Who in America, etc. due to 40+ yrs of public advocacy. I have no self interest, but am worried about future of our country. Can we lead this way? "OUR KIDS KANT WAIT SO NEITHER CAN WE!")


I hope the connection re Supreme Court case below will be made to money, since one of issues is often not only wanting to punish the mother, etc., etc.,  but also because the father doesn't want to pay child support.  I know organizers all know this, but I think that item ought to be mentioned in all press releases as I'm sure it doesn't really occur to some (most?)) of the public, legislators, etc. and may even not be totally realized by some of the judges.  The whole thing is of course about power & control, and our entire legal system, no matter the topic, has too often become about who can win, not justice. I believe stressing this bigger picture will help get legislators & the public more involved.   We need to establish checks & balances on our legal system re evidence gathering ( many "anecdotes' all pointing in the same direction should constitute evidence), re delaying tactics of multiple sorts, etc.

An article in NYT 4/27/11, "Who Protects the Animals," said, "The problem is the system that enables cruelty and a lack of not just law enforcement but actual laws."  Monica Getz & others have long also stressed that far more needs to be done re judge, guardian, etc. training re DV, most esp. re charlatan aspect of most abusers and how well they present in court (which I know has been stressed at conferences, etc., but I hope will be strongly emphasized again now, and I believe reference to that also needs to be in all media presentations), discussion of bi-polar disorder, etc.  Since PR re the conferences, etc. must be short, consider just including a topic list of issues so it at least starts getting others thinking and feeling involved.  This is NOT female vs male (In fact many female judges have been found to be more abusive to mothers than male judges- ex. Brooklyn, NY Judge Robin Sheares was recently removed from Family Court to Criminal Court because of years of complaints, final one being that she jailed a mom for refusing to send 10yr old son from NY to AZ to visit father jailed for several rapes), but rather a pro human plea.

 PRESS CONFERENCE May 6th, 2011 at 12 Noon

US Supreme Court, One First Street, NE ,Washington, DC                                                                                           

Sidewalk in front of the US Supreme Court

                                                                                          HISTORIC US SUPREME COURT CASE

Child Advocates and Legal Scholars are anxiously awaiting the filing of a Petition for Writ of Certiorari on May 6, 2011 at 12 noon at the US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. in the Sacks v. Sacks case.

This truly will be an  Historic Day at the US Supreme Court, for  America's children and their "Protective Parents", as this landmark case is being hand delivered by a Florida Mother and exposes a national crisis all over the US.

The Sacks v. Sacks case is the perfect opportunity for the US Supreme Court to thoroughly explore and address the issue of Battered Mothers and child abuse, and their documented evidence of "protective parents" losing custody  and the failure of family courts and Child Protective Services to thoroughly investigate and handle Domestic Violence, child sexual/and or child physical abuse cases properly, therefore resulting in a verdict, contrary to the "bests interests of the child(ren)".

Kathleen Russell, from the Center for Judicial Excellence, in the California Progress Report, on 10/19/09 "When Family Courts Get It Wrong", says "When a parent harms his or her own child, family courts are supposed to step in and safeguard the victim. Can you imagine what a tragedy it would be if courts awarded custody to the wrong parent Actually according to one conservative estimate, more than 58, 000 children a year are court ordered by family courts into unsupervised visitation contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following a divorce in the U.S. The fact that this type of scandal is taking place in the American justice system defies the imagination. Not since the Roman Catholic Church pedophile scandal has the US seen this type of institutional harm inflicted on innocent children." (www.centerforjudicalexcelllence.org)

The National Organization for Women, NOW and the NOW Ad Hoc Law Committee are  addressing this issue and in their Spring 2011,  "and explore what can happen to  a protective mother and her children when she does nothing more than to protect her children", as quoted on page 36 of the Petition for Certiorari.

The Petitioner, in the US Supreme Court case, Linda Marie Sacks, has been chosen as the "Poster Mother" of the Family Court Crisis, is interviewed for the article.(www.now.org) Click on the Family Law Spring Newsletter.

On April 21, 2011,  in the BMCCVI Digest Number 2011, reports that Eileen King representing Justice for Children participated in the Office of Violence Against Women Roundtable Discussion that took place at George Washington University Law School. The Roundtable was organized by Rita Smith, the Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Prof. Joan Meier, Director of the Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project (DVLEAP) at GWU Law School. OVW will post a report about the Roundtable on their website in the near future. (www.justiceforchildren.org) and (www.dvleap.org)

As noted by Barry Goldstein, Esq. The Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) is part of the US Justice Department that provides grants for programs to reduce and prevent domestic violence. They recently sponsored a forum for their staff and other professionals in various parts of the government to learn about the crisis in the custody court system.

 "It was a discussion based upon current scientific research and actual experiences that courts are routinely making catastrophic mistakes in failing to protect children and domestic violence survivors.

Linda Marie Sacks, a Florida Mother, truly the "All American Mom", has only seen her children at the Family Tree House Visitation Center for  82 hours in the last 4 years and 2 months, is challenging the "Best Interests of The Children" Statute 61.13,  as Domestic Violence, child sexual and physical abuse must be considered in a judge's decision determining the "Best Interests of the Children". In the Pro se Cert  Petition, Sacks raises  the constitutional implications of a fit parent to the care, custody, of her children, and without a finding of unfitness by clear and convincing evidence, established by the US Supreme Court ruling in Santosky v. Kramer, U.S. 745, 769-770 (1982).

Her daughters said in April 2007, "Mommy fight for us and do something every day to get us back and don't ever stop". Their Mother not only kept her promise to them, but now is a national spokesperson on the child custody crisis, and is speaking up for her children, and all of America's children affected by the failure of our justice system to protect our most innocent children from sexual and physical abuse. She is a formidable legal opponent, as she has been self taught, going to "Internet Law School" to continue her legal challenge after spending $140,000 to undo an unjust custody decision. The Fifth District Court of Appeals REVERSED and REMANDED the issue of child custody back to the lower court  for a violation of the Petitioners constitutional rights to due process, in 08/08. This rare reversal provided no relief as the lower court of Judge Shawn L. Briese refused to abide by the Appeals court and refused to protect the children and said one child lied about being sexually abused.

In an article by John Weiss, from Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN , "Do children lie about sexual abuse? Not Usually." Children do lie, but seldom about being abused. "All human beings can and do lie, but it's hard for kids to do it about sex", said Victor Vieth, the director of the national Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University. "They can't lie about something they have no knowledge of" he said, and children don't learn about oral sex from Sesame Street.

Dr. Deborah Day of Psychological Affiliates, the court ordered custody evaluator said the minor child at 8 years old had pediatric bipolar and that negates any child sexual abuse, and then  thwarted the DCF investigation. The court record clearly showed that the child DID NOT have bipolar, but  the trial court still refused to protect the children, which is typical from cases all over the US.

One day justice will prevail for America's children. Could it be in the Sacks v. Sacks case?

  Nat'l Advocacy groups & Mothers -attending events to shed light on crisis in Amer. Courts.

Mothers Day, May 8th, 2011  in Washington DC will also have the Mothers of Lost Children from 6-9:30 PM at the White House. 

Information will be available on Sunday night about activities on Monday.
Feb 152011


 The Sacks v. Sacks is an historic case.
Linda Marie Sacks
For more information and press
Please contact:
Kathleen Russell 
Executive Director
Center for Judicial Excellence
495 Miller Avenue, Suite 304
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Main 415.388.9600 Fax 415.388.4610

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